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June 19, 2011

A Father’s Dream

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In 1963, shortly after learning that we would be parents, I wrote my Pastor’s Paragraph for our church in San Angelo, Texas about the expectation.  The following is the article.

With the excited anticipation of being a father, I find myself flooded with dreams of what I want my son to be.  I consider the “ideal” father and the responsibility of all parents.  I wonder if I can measure up; if I can fulfill those dreams; if I can be the perfect parent; if I can set an example as a father? What is a father, a parent?  What should be the desire of a father?

First, as a father, I want to be the best possible husband.  I want to have the patience, wisdom, and leadership that is necessary as a husband.  I want to be lovable, and give expression to my wife that without her I am in complete.  I want to bear evidence that lest I am successful in the role of husband, I can never succeed as a father.  I want to live in such a way that my wife will know how much I love her for her patience and understanding of me.

I want to seek to be the husband and father like my own father.  I want my son to be able some day to respect and love me as I do my father for that which he has given to me.  I want my son to love mankind, and respect womanhood.  I want him to enjoy life, because he can understand how to enjoy it through our personal companionship.  I want my son to be wealthy —  rich in health, abundant in friends, wealthy in happiness, joyous in nature, and the things that really make life worth living.  I know that if my son is to be and to have these things, I am greatly responsible.

Most of all, I want my son to have faith — faith in me, faith in the world, most of all, faith in God.  I want him to know Christ and His saving grace.  I want to be aware of my responsibility in his coming to know Christ as Savior.  I want him to grow in the spirit of the Lord.  I want him to come to a surrendered life in Christian service. Though I promise him the privilege to choose his own vocation,  I promise to God that I will train and discipline him to know the way of God.  I shall dedicate myself to his becoming God’s man for his hour in the world.  I know that he will fulfill the will and purpose of God in his life, whatever it be.  Whether God calls him as an athlete, a lawyer, a grocer, or a missionary, I will rejoice knowing that he is following that vocation as an answer to the call of God.

I have a great responsibility to God that this boy becomes a man in full statute to the glory of God.  No father can escape this responsibility.  Yet it is a responsibility that is a privilege, and I tingle with excitement.  There will be many problems, but I trust God for leadership.

But perhaps there is something else I need to consider:  “What if  HE is a SHE?”   

And . . . that He was a SHE! 

Two sons would come later, but this first child was a daughter.  Most of you know of her as many around the nation . . . and even the world . . .  know of her.  The He that is the SHE is Jennifer Jolly Rothschild!  Get to know her story . . .  and

God has blessed us with three marvelous children.  I am so proud to be their father.  And I am so blessed to be married to their mother!



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  1. Love your story of fatherhood! You are blessed and so are your wife and children!

    Comment by doriswhite — February 13, 2012 @ 12:13 pm | Reply

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