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June 27, 2011

The Sunday Night Place

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Just before going to bed on this Sunday night, I have reflected on the day.  Morning worship was indeed a blessing . . . Sunday evening worship was . . .  well . . . what I remember Sunday evening worship was in past years!

Tonight, the fellowship among the people exceeded the fellowship I could have found anywhere else!  The several special presentations in music moved my heart beyond what any television show would have done!  And then . . . to see a family unite with the church — and on a Sunday night — convinced me that church is the Sunday night place!

Many believers share my memories of Sunday nights.  We would arrive at church prior to the evening worship service for some age-group discipleship training.  I will confess that it was not my favorite place to be, but the friendships drew us there because that is where everyone went!  Then the evening service — again I will confess that I was not a real participant.  I can remember counting ceiling tiles just to past the time during the sermon.  The music, I do remember, and I still remember the words to those old hymns from Sunday night.  But it was a gathering place . . . and though I did not involve my spiritual nature as I should . . . just being in that place with people I loved brought contentment and joy to me.  In later years when God changed my heart and I had more interest in spiritual matter, my life was blessed through the Sunday evening services and  I was much more prepared to begin the coming week.

For many families and teens, there is often some get together for fellowship after the service.  Sunday night at church seems to bring a beautiful end to a weekend.  Attending Sunday evening services set a pattern and commitment in my life.  It just  does not seem to be a completed Sunday for me without Sunday evening at church.

But what has happened?  There are so many churches that have discontinued Sunday evening worship.  Some tell us it is so that families can be together at home on that Sunday evening.  Can’t we be together at church?  And the family has had the afternoon and can have more time even after church.  Then some churches have felt they have asked enough of their people to be there on Sunday mornings and so the families need time to prepare for work and school on Monday mornings.  Didn’t we  manage all that even when we had a Sunday evening service?

I have to be careful in judgement, but it seems to me that we have looked for reasons not to have church!  I fear that we are scared that we cannot compete with the “great” service experienced in the morning worship.  Many times churches have ceased the evening worship because so few people attend.  The purpose of a worship service is not determined by numbers!  I believe the opportunity for worship should be available for whomever desires to come.  And if the church prepares a service well — or in preacher language — feeds the flock on Sunday night, people will come.

I truly am not condemning the decision of churches who do not have evening services.  That is the will of the congregation and I respect it.  I am not implying that it diminishes the ministry of the church.  I am only addressing the matter of why I am a part of a church that continues to have Sunday evening services.

For the soon-to-be generation that will lead our churches, they will have had no experience with worship on Sunday night.  And the added fear is that a compromise on Sunday morning might be on the horizon.  I am so old fashion — I strongly believe  Sunday is the Lord’s Day and should be His from morning to night.  Whatever we do during that sanctified day should be about Him and not me.  Though I have such convictions –they are mine and I will not, and should not, impose them on others.  I am simply sharing my heart.

So . . . I believe church is the Sunday night place to be!  Come join us!



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  1. All I can say is amen

    Comment by Warren — June 27, 2011 @ 4:38 pm | Reply

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