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July 16, 2011

One Person

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It was a cold January night! Not in Miami, but certainly freezing when I arrived at my destination.  I arrived in Alabama and was met at the airport by the director of Baptist work in that area.  He drove me some 40 miles to the location where I was to speak that evening.  It was record breaking temperatures for that area.  There was ice on the road in places.

When we arrived at the church that was hosting the area event, the church was brightly lit and certainly warm.  It was like reaching an oasis in the desert.  I was pleased to be inside in a safe place from the frigid weather.  Although the church was unlocked and prepared  for the people who would soon arrive, the pastor nor any staff members were there.  My host assumed they would arrive shortly . . .  perhaps delayed by the weather.  We were thankful that someone had prepared the building and unlocked the doors.

A few minutes before the event was to begin, a man came in.  We introduced ourselves and visited with him. He had driven some distance to attend this gathering.   The three of us fellowshipped as we waited for others to arrive.  Some 30 minutes after the scheduled start time, we concluded that no one else was coming.  But we did have this one man!

My host inquired what we should do.  My response was that we should follow the program as planned.  He thought that perhaps we should just cancel since there was only one man.  I responded that perhaps we could not do all that had been listed in the program such as instrumental music, congregational singing, choir special, and other presentations — unless he could play and sing! But we could still have a service.

The one man supported the director.  I again responded that this one man had come . . . I had come . . . and what we both wanted to share and receive was not based on the number of people present.  I then suggested that we start.  None of us could really sing, so I remember that we simply read together the verses of a couple of hymns.

Then I proceeded to share the message for the evening.  Of course, it was a little more sedated than it would have been with a full congregation. And I was a little more personal in eye contact.  It was more of a one-on-one presentation.  It was an interesting evening, but I have never forgotten that night.

One man — the value of one person should never be forgotten.  I was not there to present a message based on a multitude.  I was there by arrangements that God had made.  God knew long before my arrival that there would be only one person.  If that was to have been a waste of time, I believe God would have intervened to prevent what seemed to be a lack of good use of time and expenses.  But there was a divine reason.  Who was that one man?  What did he do in his life as a result of that evening?  I have to trust that God used that man in the days that followed.  Certainly, God did something in my life and taught me much.  I have never forgotten what I learned through that experience.  One person is important.  Perhaps the entire trip was for God to teach me!

Perhaps that one man was influenced to realize that same truth.  Perhaps he went back to his church with an understanding that he must recognize the value of one person.  Perhaps he was a Sunday School teacher with only one person in his class.  Hopefully he realized the worth and value of that one person.  By his being faithful and teaching that one person, he might be teaching the next great evangelist in America.  Who can know what that one person will do for God.

Sunday School teacher . . . Bible teacher . . . mentor . . . just be faithful to your task . . . even if you only have one person!  Just imagine what that one person may do in this world . . . and to know that you are having a vital part of that future!



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  1. Lawson, I believe that God has a plan for each person, no matter who they are or what their past a be. God uses each one of us when we are willing. I pray that he will use us each and every day. Duds!

    Comment by Dudley Henry — July 16, 2011 @ 7:24 am | Reply

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