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July 23, 2011

A Plan for Life

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Plans for a life!  But often times there are no real plans.

I thought there were plans after high school!  It all seemed right!  I often look  back and wonder where I got such dreams . . . or plans.  What motivated me?  Money?  Prestige? Influence of others?  Circumstances?

I was blessed to receive a scholarship good for six years through dental school.  Why had I chosen this as a career?  I honestly cannot remember.  But that path soon closed.  I walked away within a few months after beginning my college career.  What then?   I didn’t have a clue.  I began a job in a receiving department and as an elevator operator.  The future?  I wasn’t giving it any thought.  I had some money coming in . . . no responsibility . . . and enjoying a good time with my free time!

Soon I realized I had to have some commitment to the future.  I began a job as a mail clerk in a large international insurance company.  Within a couple of months I was promoted to a file clerk position.  A few months later I was rewarded with a promotion of coding clerk.  It all seemed so easy.  So I saw a promising career.  I began to apply myself in the industry.  To assure a good future, I began college again in the evenings.

Time soon brought a promotion to junior underwriter.  I knew the next step would come as soon as my college work was completed.  Again, it was a comfortable life . . . but was this what I really wanted for my life?  Why am I doing this?

Then a friend came to see me.  He simply wanted to say goodbye.  He was several years younger, but we were social friends.  He was leaving for college in a few days and wanted to visit with me before he left.  As he was leaving, he said, “You ought to come and go with me.”

My response was simple, “Sure, why not, I don’t have anything else to do.”  What immaturity.  And so within a few days I was on a train heading for Texas.  Twenty-one years of age and no real plans for my future.  I wonder if others have drifted this same way?

I was shocked that I was accepted into the college.  I had no choice of a major.  I really had no purpose for being in college. It was obvious I still had no real plans for my life.  I chose business.  Why not?  That was what I had been doing!  Then I was soon confronted with what area of business . . . accounting, economics?  I confess I was not a good student, and I believe it was because I had no commitment to a plan for my life.

Through many influences, life began to become focused.  The short version of it was that God got hold of me.  When I had no plan . . . God did.  He had a plan for me all along.  I had just been too self-centered to seek it.  I had been so wrapped up in wild choices that I never sought His plan for my life.  But it unfolded!  Life truly began to be different when I discovered the real plan for my life and His purpose for me.

There were some wasted years . . . and years of confusion and a lack of assurance and peace. It could all have been avoided if I had first sought God’s plan for my life.  Many find happiness in what they do with their life, but the greatest happiness is when we discover and follow God’s plan!

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’  declares the Lord,  ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”  (Jeremiah 29:11)



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