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July 25, 2011

Fine Feathered Friends

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What a joy to see our fine feathered friends enjoying our new garden.  They come walking down the street and into the front yard.  They stand in the shade of the oak tree and watch all that is happening.  After some time, they walk to the back yard and begin enjoying all of the new plants and trees that adorn the garden.

These friends are the Sandhill Cranes.  I wrote of them in a blog.  (  You might enjoy reading it and seeing photos of them in our yard.  The article will remind you of what a wonderful family unit they are.   We so enjoy watching them feed.  The mom or pop will always stand alert while the others eat.

They allow us to move within a few feet of them.  They seem trusting and grateful that we share our yard with them.  It is the season when they are bring their offspring.  There will be one and sometimes two.  Rather than repeat so much about them, I would again suggest you read the earlier blog.

They are not the only fine feathered friends we have.  We have a vast variety of birds.  They bring joy to us also.  There are some other feathered friends that we enjoy, but would prefer they not be in our yard.  I have to speak kindly of them since they are the mascot of the Miami Hurricanes.

Ibis is the mascot, and we are heavily populated by them.  Perhaps they know what a Hurricane fan I am, and so they assume I will give them special privileges.  I do like to see them, but not so up close and personal.  Or, if just one or two visited it would be ok.  But I am talking a flock of 40-60.

I am referring to the Ibis.  Read this blog where I described them. (   They are exceptionally brave birds.  They exhibit strength and courage in times of hurricanes.  They are the last to take refuge and the first to reappear after the storm.  These birds show leadership and seem to have an instinct to detect danger.  When other birds see the Ibises preparing to evacuate, the others leave immediately.

It is the season for them to be in our yard also.  They come up from the lake during the day to feed.  They are not destructive,  but they are extremely messy.  And for some reason, they choose the driveway to leave the evidence of their presence.  And it does not wash off easily!

Judy recently caught on camera several sitting atop a pine tree.  This is a rare sight for us.  To see them on the very edge of the pine needles, one has to assume they are extremely light in weight.  Several people have seen these photos and also remarked that it is unusual.  I do enjoy seeing them . . . but in another yard would be better!  I have even wondered since they choose our yard if they followed us from Miami!  But we will continue to be kind to them.  They, much like the Sandhill Cranes, are not scared when you approach them.  They are brave . . . but also seem to feel that we are their friends.

I still remain a Sandhill Crane fan.  They are my favorite!  Yet we are blessed with so many fine feathered friends.  There are few places one can live and have such friends!  God is good to us!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good . . . .”  (Psalm 107:1)



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  1. Amen, we have so many birds that others don’t have because of the lake. We can learn so much from wildlife!
    God is good and we are so thankful! There is a time and purpose for everything!

    Comment by Doris — July 28, 2011 @ 10:24 am | Reply

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