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August 16, 2011


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You should have been at the dinner table at my house yesterday . . . or maybe you shouldn’t have!  We were just beginning the meal when my wife exclaimed, “What is that on your neck?”

I replied with no emotion, “It’s a tattoo!”

Now I was somewhat discreet with the placement of the tattoo.  I decided to have it on my neck.  That way, it would show when I was at certain places and only wearing a tee shirt.  When I would wear a dress shirt it would not show.  I thought it was good logic!

Now why would someone like me want a tattoo?  I concluded the other day there are so many things I can no longer do at my age.  Can’t surf! Can’t sky dive!  Can’t ride the Harley!  Does this mean all the thrills are gone?  Not on your life!  So why not a tattoo?  It seems to have some status about youth, energy, and thrills!

Maybe if I wear leathers and have a tattoo, I can make a statement about my manhood at this stage of my life.  The body is slower and many of the working parts almost squeak.  So will the tattoo restore something to my psyche?

Foolish man I would be if I bought into all that!  Real manhood is not based on surfing, skydiving,  riding a Hog, or having a tattoo!  Those should be simply from desire and pleasure —  not to prove anything to anyone.  What is real manhood?  I am not one to define many words or subjects, but for me manhood has to do with true character.  I believe that manhood should be a demonstration of a man’s fulfilment of responsibility.  It is knowing himself and expressing strength and determination. It is showing in all areas of life the ability and desire to be a person of kindness, love, helpfulness, and involvement to family, friends, and society. It is maturity that brings contentment to self . . . and confidence to those around him.

Manhood is not proved by physical achievements.  If so, then I believe we corrupt the definition of true manhood.  Manhood does not have to be proven outwardly except through character and relationships.  Even then, perhaps I do not have to prove my manhood except to myself . . . and then hopefully others will see it in my life.

So . .  . if I believe all I just wrote . . . why do I need a tattoo?  I don’t!  And since I don’t — I am so glad that it was just a fake tattoo that can be removed with some water!  Off I go to remove it!



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  1. Bro. Lawson,

    Thanks again for making me smile; I could share a real life one as well about one of our kids the only thing was it sis not come off with water. You know what my responce was I am sure,

    Comment by wlgilpin — August 17, 2011 @ 1:04 pm | Reply

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