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October 30, 2011

Spinning Plates – Update

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I have been asked to re-send the blog about Spinning Plates.  Even the update did not go through to those who receive the blogs automatically via email.  My main computer is down and so I am using the laptop.  Hopefully, it will reach you.  To the others who simply click on your favorites, etc. to read my blogs, thank you for your understanding as you are receiving it for the third time. 


(I apololgize to all of you who receive my blogs automatically via email.  I understand that the recent one, SpinningPlates, did not come through.  Some of you simply received a blank screen with a color background; others received it in some type of hieroglyphics.  I do not know if it was my computer or what.  So I am attempting to send it again.  If a problem this time I will seek to make corrections.  If it does not come thru, you might not even get this message, but if you do and the problem exist, you can alway go to  Thank you for your understanding.  Lawson)

Since I began blogging, I have posted 425 blogs.  Some may assume since in has been a long lapse of time since my last blog that I ran out of something to share.  You know me better than that!  I have gone an extremely long time when you consider that I usually had a blog daily.  I have received emails inquiry — I think some were wondering if I was still alive.

My reason for the lack of blogs recently may cause you to identify when I share my reason.  I have been spinning too many plates!

Are you familiar with that activity?  I remember well as a boy going to the circus each year.  One of the acts was the spinning of plates.  It was called plate waltzing!  The performer would attempt to keep as many plates spinning as possible.  Sometimes the plates were on the floor . . . other times on a table . . . and most often on poles.  The performer would seek to have as many plates spinning at one time as possible.  The world record is 108 simultaneously.

I can still see in my memory the performer running from pole to pole as a plate would begin to slow down.  He would give it more spin before it would fall . . .  and quickly move to another pole to give more spin.  He would have to be very mindful of the many plates spinning because some would slow down more quickly than others.  The more plates he would have, the more frantically he would rush from one plate to another.

That is the way I have been feeling!  I have too many plates spinning and there is no way I can keep all of them spinning at the same time.  Does this describe how you feel sometimes?  We get so many things going in our life sometimes that we are frantically attempting to keep all the plates spinning.  We find ourselves trying to keep track of so many things . . . meet deadlines . . . attend to obligations . . . transport children to activities . . . meet responsibilities at work and at church!  Perhaps you have described it from the juggler’s act, “too many balls in the air!”

I have found myself recently with too many plates spinning.  No one hired me . . . challenged me . . . or forced me to attempt to spin so many plates.  It was a choice I made.  I know at my age there is a limit, but sometimes we just rise to the challenge and move ahead.  I found myself mentally challenged and allowed some plates to fall!

With the preparation needed in my responsibility as an interim pastor, study time, committee meeting preparation, and a myriad of other matters, the spinning plate labeled “blog” stopped spinning!  I have truly missed it . . . but it had a forerunner of fallen plates.  I have not completed by latest book in my word series called Patience.  Nor have I given to the publishers my completed second volume in my humor series.  It is not that the world was waiting for them . . . it is that, again, I had to make some choices.  The choices are mine.  I must allow some plates to cease spinning in order to properly address those things that I deem most important.  Sometimes we lay aside the important for the urgent!  Blogging was an urgency in my daily schedule . . . but it cannot take priority over the more important — serving my Lord and caring for people!

I want you through my transparency to look at all the plates you may be spinning.  Could you allow some of them to fall . . . cease spinning?  I believe it would give you more time to address the most important matters?  Certainly, one good thing that you would experience would be less stress . . . less panic at times . . . and certainly a more relaxed life!  Being frantic to get every thing done is taking something from you . . . and even from you family!

I am not seeking to preach to you . . . but to share with you a lesson of which I have to remind myself often.  There are only so many plates you can spin at one time.  Don’t try to set a world’s record!

I cannot resist reminding you of the story of Martha and Mary in Luke 10.  Remember Martha wanted her sister Mary to come to the kitchen and help rather that spending the time with Jesus.  Food preparation for guest seems vitally important, but it was the urgent . . . but not the most important!  Jesus said to Martha, “Mary has chosen what is better.”  Perhaps it is a reminder of the most important.  Spend time with Jesus and He can help you sort out the urgent from the important!



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