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November 19, 2011


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To all those that regularly read my blogs, I need to place a disclaimer on some things that might appear on my blogs.  There will be random ads — often in the form of a video.  I was shocked when I saw some appear.  I want you to know that it does not have my approval, but my agreement with Word Press allows them.

When I discovered these ads, I contacted Word Press.  Somewhere I did not read the fine print, or at least I did not assume it would happen.  However, Word Press is within their rights to do so.  I considered closing my account with them, but too much would be lost.  I want you to know about the ads for several reasons:  One, I do not get paid for these ads to appear on my blogs; two, I do not approve the content before they appear.  However, Word Press is careful with what they allow —  even in blogs!  But there could be some ads that are contrary to my ethical standards; and three, hopefully, you will rarely have an advertisement to appear.  I have not seen one since my contact with them, but since it is random, it does not meant that Word Press has removed them.

My suggestion is when one appears, feel no obligation to open it.  You know now that the ad has no connection with me.

Thanks for your faithfulness in reading my blogs.  Again, I confess that they are not very regular, but I still have plans to be more regular.  The good side of it is that I still get high hits each day because of people searching various subjects and it brings them to some of my blogs.  Hopefully, a witness is there.

Have a blessed day!



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