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December 1, 2011

Blindness and Courage

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Blindness is a harsh word.  I used it deliberately, however.  But I also used courage.  There is a story of blindness that testifies to courage . . . and resonates with hope.  I have felt impressed to share the story of our daughter.  Far beyond my regular readers, everyday there are a multitude of people who are searching the internet and are directed to one of my blogs because of some key word they used in their search.  I know that the word blindness, courage, and hope are some of the key words used often in a search.

And to you who found this site through searching for something related to blindness or courage or hope,  I urge you to see the following videos.  There is great encouragement to all of us –sighted or blind– through the remarkable story of our daughter.

This first video is from a Billy Graham special.

The second video is from Good Morning America.

For further encouragement, visit one of her websites:  or  You will also be able to read her story as printed in Decision Magazine from the Billy Graham link on her home page.

May you be blessed this day.



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