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December 3, 2011


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77!   Double lucky number?  Athletic jersey number?  Bus route number?  Number of pennies in the drawer?  Miles to the event?  There are plenty of questions to which the answer could be 77.  But you know I have something more specific in mind.

The 77 is the age of many people today!  And it is amazing the reports that come that 77 year olds are accomplishing.  Their physical and mental abilities make the news daily.

77 year old scales building in London  —  A group assembled to protest a “shared appreciation program” concerning home mortgages.  Surprising to all, a 77 year old man scaled the front of the bank building in protest and waved a sign.

77 year old fights off attacker in Honolulu —  An attacker attempted to grab the purse of Susan Ng as she entered her apartment.  Although the attacker caused her to suffer a broken wrist, the 77 year old woman repelled the attacker and caused him to flee.

77 year old leaps fence in Canada —  Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien leaped a fence to give a promised interview to the media.  Reporters were amazed at the strength and agility of this 77 year old.

77 year old gets pilot license in Arkansas — William Myers has his dream fulfilled.  From childhood he wanted to be a pilot.  He passed the exam and received his pilot license at age 77.

77 year old wins marathon in Nigeria — Elizabeth Cheboywo believed she could win the 12 kilometer race – and she did.  She enchanted everyone with her spirit and determination.  She says one day she will take part in Boston Marathon or even the Olympics.  She said, “People had taken her as a joke, but now they know I am serious, even at 77.”

77 year old completes 8th circumnavigation solo in Japan — At age 77, Minoru Saito is the oldest solo circumnavigator as he completed a 1080 day around the world alone.  He fought typhoons and destructive winds and waves.  When asked about retirement, he laughs and talks about raising funds for his next voyage.

77 year old Triathlete in Canada — Ray Colliver is a senior triathlete with 23 years of road cycling, running and triathion experience.  He is an instructor in triathlete disciplines, swimming, biking, and running.  He is the National Triathlete in his age group.

77 year old is world’s oldest skydiver — Montsu, a Catatan grandmother, carries prosthesis in her hip, but continues to skydive at age 77.  She has made 903 jumps and participates in world competition.

77 year old Gerontology student at the University of Miami — Bob Turner is a Ph.D student at Miami.  He is a business man and a national qualifier in the shot put and discus in the U.S. Senior Olympics.  His long interest in education led him to pursue this graduate degree.

77 year old crushes apple with his one hand — 77 year old Don Hoge, a former wrestler and boxer, crushes an apple with one hand.  He squeezes the apple with the strength in one hand until it is pulp.

77 year old body building grandmother — Kelly Nelson is 77 years old and wins many body building championships.  She trains hard everyday and believes she will continue to win in competition long after 77 years of age.

77 year old ballplayer in Nebraska — Bob Northup is a 77 year old ace on the softball team.  He is considered the best pitcher in the league in Lincoln, Nebraska.  He is still an excellent hitter and has unusual speed for running the bases.

Aren’t you amazed at the abilities of these 77 year olds?  They should be an inspiration to those in their 50s or 60s.  I know I am encouraged.  These individuals believe in themselves.  They have not surrendered to what some call “old age.”

These 77 year olds have not grown old because they have not given up on their desires to accomplish certain things.  And even if one has some limited disability that has come from aging, there is no reason not to believe there are still challenges that can be achieved.

I don’t believe we are ever old until we give up on life.  An old Guatemalan proverb says, Everyone is the age of their heart.  I believe that so strongly. I am not ready to surrender.  And you have read of this in previous blogs, such as Fourth Quarter of Life,

And do you remember my confession in my blog, Tattoo?  I spoke of some things I can no longer do — surf, skydive, ride the Harley, etc.  But that doesn’t mean I am old!  I don’t focus on what I can no longer do . . . but on what I can still do . . . and perhaps some new adventures and challenges.  There are times when my body will not keep up with my spirit, but I can adjust to that and be so grateful for the spirit that desires to do so much.

So why all this rambling today?  Why such a focus on being 77 years of age?  Well, it is my birthday . . . and I am 77 years old.  And God has been so good!  I have had a wonderful, adventurous, and fulfilled life.  But, I believe the best is yet to be!  I celebrate today . . . and the many years ahead as I reach toward the goal of being 100 years old!




  1. God bless you, Lawson, on this 77th birthday. You’ve been blessed and will certainly continue to be blessed, not only with a full life but abundant life. I thank God that you are still useful in His hands! Thanks for your musings and your faithful record of service and devotion. I’m excited to see what this newest 77 year old does this year! See you soon.

    Comment by Brad Stevens — December 3, 2011 @ 9:36 am | Reply

  2. Happy Birthday Pastor Jolly!

    Comment by Logan — December 3, 2011 @ 12:43 pm | Reply

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