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December 6, 2011

Too Late

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Did you ever make a mistake and realized it was too late to correct it?  Perhaps it had to do with something you spoke.  Perhaps it was cutting a piece of material and you cut it too short.  Or perhaps you were cutting a board and it was an inch too short!  Too late to correct the mistake, right?  There are often times when such actions on our part were a mistake.  No one else was to blame.  And once we discovered it –it was too late to correct.

That has happened to me many times!  I am always embarrassed when I catch such a mistake.  I did that yesterday!  My blog Never Too Late had a terrible mistake in it.  For those of you who go to my website, you did not know of the mistake.  But for the many that receive my blog automatically via email, you saw it!  I had titled the blog Never To Late.  Did you catch the difference?  I used to where I should have used too.  I did not catch the mistake until after the emails had been sent automatically.  When I saw it at about 8 a.m., it was too late to correct it.  At that point, no one had gone directly to my site and so I was able to correct it before others saw it.

But for those receiving the blog automatically, it was too late!

There is a lesson for me here.  A lesson that I have known for a very long time . . . but I still make the mistake.  Sometimes it is a slip of the tongue . . . sometimes in grammar . . . and sometimes in attitude.  Are you with me?  You know the experience, don’t you?  So often we have said something . . . or done something, and soon after we realize what a mistake we made.  We feel the pain inwardly because we so regret that spoken word or attitude.  We would like to relive that moment and to have avoided what we said or the way we reacted.  But, alas, it was too late!

There is no way to ever take back that moment.

And the most regrettable part is that we might have offended a person . . . and even hurt a relationship.  When we discovered such, we begin to fumble for the right words to explain ourselves.  Then we begin to wonder if the person really understood.  And I can recall some times in action or words where I was wrong . . . and I have never had the opportunity to make correction.  Oh, how I trust the person is forgiving and understanding.

Perhaps we can never completely avoid such mistakes . . . but one thing I know.  I can be understanding and forgiving when someone else makes that mistake toward me!

“Bear with each other and forgive . . . .”  (Colossians 3:13)



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