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January 6, 2012

The Invader

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Our world provides plenty of news about homes being invaded.  It certainly is a frightening experience.  I find myself with an attitude that probably should not be expressed when I hear how a person or persons invaded a home.  Sometimes it has been to the harm of the persons in the home . . . or it may only be the plundering of the home when the residents are away.  Whatever the circumstances, it is a reality in our society.  We must be on guard for intruders!

We had an invader a few years back.  We returned from a trip.  As we opened the garage door and drove into the garage, we sensed something . . . you know that feeling you get, but you don’t really observe anything?  Getting out of the car, I slowly opened the door into the kitchen.  Carefully and cautiously I peered in.  I could see some items overturned.  I said to my wife that someone was inside, or they had been.

I suddenly heard a slight noise.  In the garage, by the door was a short 2×2.  Armed with this, I opened the door.  Curtains were in disarray, several things on the kitchen counter were broken or disturbed, pictures were tilted, and some wood shavings were on the floor.

The slight noise I had heard was no longer.  I could not hear a sound.  I quickly surveyed that the front and rear doors were locked.  “Is someone in the house?” That was my recurring thought.  My wife is now beside me.  As we both surveyed the kitchen, eating area, and the family room, our eyes beheld the pantry door!  There, close to the floor was a hole!  Not the kind made by a kick . . . but one made by the teeth of some animal!

Suddenly, we knew that the animal was still in the pantry.  Quickly I grabbed something and covered the hole.  What is in there?  Whatever it was, we had it trapped.  We began to survey the house.  This animal had been all over the house, looking for an exit.  Blinds had been destroyed, curtains damaged, and just a general mess!  But before we could deal with the destruction, we needed to deal with the intruder.

It was an invader.  This animal did not belong in this house.  The animal may not have come to attack us, but it certainly had plundered the home.  By process of elimination — size, noise, etc. we concluded it was a squirrel.  We had many squirrels in our oak trees –but now one is in our home.  Have you ever thought how to get a squirrel out of a pantry?

We considered several options — my first was the shotgun!  But what a mess it would be in that pantry!  That was not really an option.  We could not just open the door and expect the squirrel to run toward an open door.  The squirrel might be so frightened that it would run wild all over the house. We began to call several agencies — animal control, wildlife refuges, etc.  No one would come, nor did any of them have a suggestion.

We finally came up with our own method.  Now I will share it with you.  Hopefully, you will never face this dilemma.

We got several large pasteboard boxes and several sheets of plywood from the garage.  We used the breakfast table, and other items that would help work our plan.  We made a tunnel from the pantry door to the front door with these items.  When we were ready, I removed enough of the top near the pantry door to where I could peer over to see when the squirrel would come out after I removed the blockage we had place over the hole it had made.  Judy went across the street to be able to view the front door and be far enough away that the squirrel would not hesitate to run into the yard.  It took some waiting, but at last it cautiously made its escape!

The only thing that we could smile about was the squirrel’s eating habits.  This was shortly after Christmas and in a candy container on the kitchen counter were Hershey’s kisses — plain chocolate and chocolate with nuts.  Did you know that squirrel emptied all the candy on the counter . . . unwrapped and ate what it wanted . . . but only ate the ones with the notes?  Through the wrapping, the squirrel could tell the ones with nuts.  The squirrel had no desire for plain chocolate.

You are probably wondering at this point how the squirrel got in the house.  Here is the background.

We were leaving on a trip.  I had backed the car out of the garage so that I could secure the garage door from the inside.  With the car in the driveway, we remembered several other items we wanted to take with us.  We began to take these to the car — leaving the front door open.  Evidently, the inquisitive squirrel saw an opportunity to look inside.  While he surveyed the house, we closed the front door, locked it, and departed.  The squirrel was to have the house for the week!

We were extremely careful after that experience.  We are still extremely careful today.  We enjoy the squirrels in the yard . . . but we are extremely cautious that they remain there.  There are just some things not welcome at our house!  I can expand that statement and say there are many things not welcome . . . even in our lives!

There are many invaders that desire to intrude in our hearts and minds!  Beware!  They will plunder and attack.  Many a life has been destroyed by what we have allowed to slip into our life.  Let us protect ourselves!

“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith . . . .”  (1 Corinthians 16:13)  “Above all else, guard your heart.”  (Proverbs 4:23)  “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and mind in Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 4:7)




  1. The same thing happened to us but with a different ending. It was at our summer cottage in Maine and we were gone for the winter, The squirrel chewed the wooden framework around the window panes trying to get out and other destructive actions inside cottage. He was not successful and we found him dead when we returned in the spring.

    Comment by elaine — January 6, 2012 @ 7:48 am | Reply

  2. What an awful thing to come home to, but am sure you were very glad it was “a squirrel” instead of a robber! Love your sermon in this story!

    You have such a wonderful way of illustrating to help us remember your words and purpose of the sermon!

    Thank you!

    Comment by doriswhite — January 8, 2012 @ 2:57 pm | Reply

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