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January 12, 2012

Miracle! — Not!

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Funny thing happened the other day!  Well, funny to me . . . but not to a certain lady!

My wife and I were making some usual rounds of thrift stores.  It does not take long for me to make the circuit in the store and give a glance.  I am not usually looking for anything in particular.  I then will find some comfortable chair that is on sale and sit while Judy continues her browsing.

In this one particular thrift store, the furniture is located toward the back of the store.  I usually seek some chair close to the front so Judy can find me when she is ready to go.  I went toward the front door and stood for a few minutes.  Next to the doors there was a wheelchair.  I assumed that someone had used it to come from their car, but felt secure enough to walk around the store without it.

As some more time passed, I realized that it did not belong to anyone, but was in the store to aid customers — yet it was for sale.  I assumed that I could sit in it as I would in other chairs in the store.  So I walked to the wheelchair and seated myself.  It was comfortable and I believe that in a few minutes I was almost nodding with sleep.

Several people walked by me.  I believe because of my age and that I seemed to be struggling to stay awake, people assumed that it was my wheelchair and that I was confined to it.  They would graciously smile and I would return the acknowledgement.  At this point I began to think I should get up and move around and find another place to sit.  As I was contemplating this, a lady approached the doors to leave, carrying a number of bags.  She truly had her arms full.

She began to shuffle the bags in such a way to get a hand free to open the door.  She nodded toward me with a smile.  I believe it was one of sympathy toward me, as well as mentally communicating, “I can get it open.”

At that moment I aroused enough to realize she needed help.  I immediately jumped up from the wheelchair and exclaimed, “Let me help!”

She gave a low shriek . . . her face expressed surprise and shock . . . and her bags began to shift in her arms!  I thought she was going to faint!  She did everything but exclaim, “It’s a miracle!”  It was obvious that she thought I had suddenly been healed . . . jumping from the wheelchair . . . and offering to help!

No words were exchanged between us as I opened the door for her.  But make no mistake, she was shocked thinking she had witnessed a miracle.  I am sure it was a topic of conversation to friends.

Enjoying the moment . . . I settled back into the wheelchair.  I always have fun . . . but that was truly fun!

There was no miracle that day . . . but I do believe in miracles . . . because I serve a God of miracles!  And I am so happy that He can perform miracles.  I don’t know any of us that could not use a miracle things in our lives!  Trust my God of miracles!



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  1. Thank you, and I do believe and expect until the Lord says, no, there is a reason not to perform the miracle that I COULD do!

    Comment by doriswhite — February 12, 2012 @ 4:06 pm | Reply

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