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January 15, 2012

A Moonpie and a RC Cola

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“Gimm’e an RC Cola and a Moon Pie.”  Remember that song from the 1950’s?  Well, some of you might, but many would wonder what I am talking about.  It is really a southern thing!  But the combination of a Moon Pie and a RC (Royal Crown) Cola was a popular thing in those days!

I recently had both in the pulpit with me.  I was using them as a promotional item — not seeking to sell them, but to award those in the congregation who accomplished a certain thing.  I was surprised that it was the “old-timers” that were most interested.  It brought back memories to so many.

Big Bill Lister made the song famous.  It simply reflected the popularity of the Cola and the Moon Pie.  I can remember that the expression, RC Cola and Moon Pie, was a cliché for “let’s stop and have something to drink.”  Oh, I loved the Moon Pie and the RC Cola, but sometimes I would choose something else.

The Moon Pie became a part of history in 1917 in Chattanooga.  Tradition says a salesman was visiting a company store that catered to coal miners.  He asked the men what they thought would be a good snack during the day.  They said it needed to be something filling and taste good.  The salesman asked what size should the snack be.  A miner held out his hands to frame a circle.  The image was the moon!

The salesman reported this to the bakery.  He watched some of the bakery workers dipping a graham cracker into marshmallows.  He thought it looked good, and he suggested putting another cracker on top like a lid and then covering it with chocolate.  Thus was born the Moon Pie!

In the 1950’s, the combination with the RC Cola began.  No one really knows how they seemed to combine.  But there were ads from various places that said, “RC Cola and Moon Pie — 10¢.”  For a dime one would get a 16 oz. Cola and a large — almost 6 inches across — Moon Pie!

It is not easy to find the individual, large Moon Pie today.  Most of them are smaller.  Whatever the size, the Moon Pie is simply two round graham cracker cookies  with marshmallow filling the center, dipped in chocolate.  There are other flavors today — but for me, the true Moon Pie is chocolate!

Did you know there is a world championship Moon Pie eating contest?  Yes . . . annually in Oneonta, AL.  There is also now the “heated” Moon Pie.  This has occurred since microwaves were introduced.  There is also a Moon Pie Ice Cream Sandwich.  And mini Moon Pies are thrown at Mardi Gras.

Some things may change . . . but they stay around.  I am glad that the RC Cola and Moon Pie are still available.  The bottle may have changed as has the size of the Moon Pie.  But they are still available.  They may not taste the same to me today as 60 years ago . . . but just to hold them in my hand brings back so many memories.

Make memories . . . hold to them . . . and enjoy them.  And may your best memories be of how God has blessed you!



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