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January 20, 2012


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Gone are the days when you could leave your doors opened — unlocked!  Days when things were safe in the yard!  Days when you simply trusted most everyone!  Yes, we live in a different world from those days!

Today, people will remove items from your porch — people will ramble through an unlocked car to see what they can find — people will change price tags on items in a store — shoplifting is a costly crime to many stores — a lost item such as a credit card will seldom be returned — and examples could be named endlessly.

Dishonesty, fraud, deception, and stealing are part of our wayward culture.  I will not try to be some social professor who would talk of the social changes and the whys!  But I will simply remind you of those days of the past!

When I think of honesty, my memory serves me well of many examples.  But perhaps the one that refreshes my spirit the most goes back to Jolly Store.  Some of you have read my blogs about the store.  I will not repeat my heritage in the store, but you can read the blogs for background. (Jolly Store – Part 1;  Jolly Store – Part 2

The Jolly Store did not open until about 8 o’clock each morning.  Most folks in town were going to work prior to that and so obviously breakfast had been eaten earlier.  Often people would prepare for breakfast and discover they had no bread for toast.  Because the store had not opened by the time the bread delivery truck arrived, the delivery man would simply leave the bread in front of the door which was covered by a large awning.

The bread was not doubled stack, but each loaf could be seen in the large square wooden boxes.  The bread delivery men knew that they could claim the boxes the next morning, or as some did, on their return route in the afternoon.  Knowing the bread was in front of the store, people who needed bread would come to the store and select what items they wanted from the bread trays.

No one was around.  Those individuals could have taken all the bread they wanted and no one would have ever known.  Most of the time, there would be money in the bread tray in place of the bread.  There might be the exact change . . . or there might be more than the cost of the loaf of bread.  Sometimes there was bread missing, but no money,  Yet, not once did my folks get concerned or believe that someone had stolen the bread.  They knew that before the day was over . . . settlement would come.

And sure enough, before closing time someone would come in and pay for that bread . . . sometimes someone would come in and say they did not have the exact change and left a quarter or such.  My folks did not question the person, but would simply give them the change due them.  Now is that not a wonderful example of honesty!

I believe it could still be that way.  I know that in those days there was a morality different from today — and such morality was not based on whether a person was a Christian or not.  Though we seemingly live in a morally corrupt society, honesty could prevail if our lives were controlled by the One I call Lord!  Christ in a person — controlling that person — will simply reflect who He is.  And He is perfect –not only in honesty — but in every virtue that reflects perfection!

“Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.”  (1 John 2:6)



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