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February 14, 2012

Scars and Tattoos

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I like to read the messages printed on shirts.  I saw one today that fascinated me.  “Scars are tattoos with better stories!”

Evidently the man did not care personally to have a tattoo.  And . . . perhaps he was giving testimony that he had scars on his body — probably from battle!  Nevertheless, the message on his shirt spoke to me . . . and I began to reflect.

Scars . . . most people have them . . . men and women . . . and in all shapes, sizes, and places!  Scars are those marks left from a wound, sore, burn, cut, fall, injury, or however you desire to describe it.  I have a few scars . . . like everyone else.  And, like my friend with the shirt . . . my scars have a story to tell!

Perhaps you read my blog about my tattoo!  No story to tell there!  The tattoo was simply a statement.  Most people get a tattoo as a memorial to someone, a testimony of a religious stance, a statement of status, a pledge of love, or belonging to a particular group.  Of course, there are multiple reasons why people get tattoos, but what is significant about tattoos today . . .  this body art is a choice of the person.

Scars are not by choice . . . oh, most scars that we bear come without choice.  Suddenly we fell on a jagged rock that tore our skin, or there was a car accident and glass cut our face, or we touched that hot stove and burned our hand severely.  These are but a few of how we get scars.  The process of that injury healing, left a scar.  Scars are not something we choose to have . . . they came quickly and unplanned.

I thought of some of my scars.  Across the bottom of my foot is a large scar that is the result of my jumping from the barn roof as a boy and landing on some old boards with rusty nails.  One of the nails ripped open my foot!  There is a scar on my head from a knife when in anger a neighbor and I were throwing knives at each other. Then in my hand is a scar where a casing from a rifle blew up and the firing cap tore into my hand.  On that same hand is a scar when my hand got caught in a winch. And adding to that scar are the scars from skin grafts.  And then on my lower back is a scar from the surgery of removing a tumor.

Why do I have the scars?  What caused them?  Could they have been prevented?  I began to examine the reason I have scars.  Most  of them can be blamed on no one but myself.  They are not the result of intentional acts . . . but accidents!  And for me, accidents that perhaps could have been avoided.

No reason to address the reason for a scar from surgery.  The surgery was necessary . . . and the scar was inevitable.

Scars . . . we do all have them.  and we have them for different reasons.  Some can be prevented if we are mature, cautious, alert, and careful.  Some scars are not our fault . . . an accident caused by others . . . or surgery.

Are there any scars we would choose to have!  I mean . . .  would we be willing to deliberately bear a scar?  Getting the scar is never pleasant . . . it is usually painful.  Who would we choose such pain?

Well, I know one person who made choices and if scars were to be the result —  so be it!  He may not have known scars would be his . . . but after the first scar, he did not run away or seek to escape having more scars.  I am speaking of the Apostle Paul.  He had scars from beatings,imprisonment, and being stoned.  They were painful!  But these scars were evidences of his commitment to Jesus Christ.  He did not coward after the first scar, but received many because he desired a relationship with his Lord more than to escape receiving such scars. ” . . . I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.”  (Galatians 6:17)  His scars were not only visible on his body, but he bore scars of isolation, being misunderstood, and persecuted.

Now you understand where my thinking went as I read the words on that shirt.  I so hope that whatever scars I have tell a better story than any tattoo.  And as I could not see any scars on my new friend . . . he knew they were there!  I do not seek visible scars from my commitment to Christ, but I pray that I will be faithful to Him —  whatever the cost.  My tattoo was removed . . . but may any marks in my body for serving my Christ be there always . . . for His glory!



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  1. What deep thoughts Pastor Jolly. Scars of remembering! Thank you for sharing!

    Comment by doriswhite — February 14, 2012 @ 11:18 am | Reply

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