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March 2, 2012

Close the Door Behind You

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“What are those big mounds of dirt?” asked our neighbor from New York.  He wondered when he saw them if they were large ant beds.  As he examined them, he realized this was something he had never seen.

You can look across the fields and see these mounds.  Some of them are at least  one foot high and can be two to three feet wide.  They will cause one to ask questions.  These mounds are made by the southeastern pocket gopher, also known as Sandy-mounders in Florida.  The name has been modified into “salamander” in some areas.

The pocket gopher is a rodent well adapted for its life underground.  They have very small eyes and ears, and large claws on the front legs.  They can tunnel for well over 100 feet, and the soil they remove is pushed to the surface.  Thus the soil they push to the surface creates large sand mounds.

They are called pocket gophers because of their fur-lined cheek pouches where they carry food.  They have lips behind their teeth!  This allows them to chew through the soil and roots without getting dirt in their mouth.  These unique creatures average about ten inches in length.

The fascinating part of their pushing up the dirt to the surface is that they close up the hole to the surface.  They will pack it well to prevent their number one enemy from pursuing them.  The pine snake will follow them into the tunnel and devour them if the tunnel is not tightly closed.

Oh, there is a lesson for us.  We could call it, “Close the door behind you.”  That statement is no stranger to us.  Throughout our life we have heard, at times, “Close the door behind you!”  Sometimes it takes a gopher for us to realize the importance of such!

Perhaps the better lesson for us is to apply it to life.  We all look back and wish we had done some things differently . . . or that we never felt we finished a job . . . or a regret that we cannot go back and make some corrections.  It may be good advice for all of us to “Close the door behind us.”  As we move through life, perhaps we leave some door open in our past believing we can go back and recapture that time.  Of course, we cannot . . . so why leave the door open.  It can become our enemy like the pine snake to the gopher.  It can be an anchor that  needs to be released so we can sail ahead.  Not closing the door on some past situations . . . relationships, activities, actions . . . truly hinders the freedom we need for today.  Don’t let the past chain you.  If we keep looking back, we will stumble as we seek to move forward.

Close that door today!  Don’t let the old memories of regrets and activities become an enemy to your future.

I don’t care for the gopher . . . but I do appreciate a lesson learned!

“But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind  . . . I press on . . . .”  (Philippians 4:13-14)



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