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March 13, 2012

What Price Compromise?

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I am appalled!  Shocked! Disappointed!  Disturbed!  Did he really mean what he said?  Was he misquoted?

I am referring to what is reported that Pat Robertson said at a recent prayer breakfast in Virginia.  It is reported that he said marijuana should be legalized because the war on drugs has failed!

Did this long-time crusader for biblical righteousness, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, host of “The 700 Club,” founder of Regents University, The American Center for Law and Justice, and The Christian Coalition, really say that?  It is hard to believe that this evangelical leader would propose such!

Assuming he did say it — why surrender to an issue simply because he feels that the struggle cannot be won?  He did limit legalization to marijuana.  Evidently he justifies that because he believes it is not in the same category as other drugs such as cocaine and heroin.  But marijuana is still listed in the top ten illegal drugs.  A list based on the damage to a person.

There are some facts he needs to review concerning marijuana:  It is the most often used drug in America; it decreases the body’s ability to fight diseases; it causes chest colds, coughing and wheezing; it decreases blood flow to the brain and thus affects learning; you can get high on it; and it often affects reproduction.

I am no authority on marijuana.  And I cannot argue against the relief it can provide for terminal patients in severe pain. But if you have interest in drugs and their effects, search the Internet.

But my issue with Pat Robertson’s position is not drugs — it is the issue of compromise!  His ministry has opposed all social issues that are contrary to biblical principles.  Excerpts from his stated purpose for Regents University is:  “One of the reason I founded Regents University was to prepare young people to help transform the world . . . provide godly solutions to the many challenges we face in society.”  Compromise is not a “godly solution.”

Any drug used for social or pleasurable reasons that disorients a person, alters personality and affects health is wrong. Marijuana is one such drug.  Perhaps Pat Robertson has some validity in his argument that it is destroying the future of a young person who gets arrested and serves prison time for a small amount of the drug — but we do not change laws to allow step one so that there will be no step two.  He is seemingly willing to allow marijuana to be legal in order to avoid imprisonment.  Sorry, Brother Pat . . . I can’t buy that argument!

I so wish he could see that marijuana is a “gateway” drug.  Most drug users start with marijuana.  I appreciate Vice-President Joe Biden, speaking on Good Morning America, saying he believed marijuana was a gateway drug and that it would be a mistake to make it legal.  He has repeated that assertion several times.

But back to my concern.  I am not debating the issue of legalization of marijuana . . . I am giving focus to compromise.  Why would we ever surrender to wrong because we are not winning?  We stick to the battle!  We never surrender!  If biblical believers give in to matters simply because we are not winning . . . we are guilty of compromise of truths and principles.

It is one thing to discover truth that leads to a change in position on an issue . . . it is another to compromise convictions.  Pat Robertson believes drugs are wrong . . . he will not use them himself for that reason . . . but he is willing for others to use marijuana simply because the war on drugs is not winning.  Instead of giving up . . . let’s seek to give support to the troops that are fighting this war!

In 1961 I got involved with an issue.  The church seemingly was debating their position.  I published a paper entitled, What Price Compromise?  The paper was published in local papers. My position was that if we simply  give in it would be a compromise . . . and where would such compromise lead? It might seem somewhat harmless at the moment, but what about the future and similar issues.  Would we find ourselves later in a position that we would abhor?  If we followed Pat Robertson’s recommendation . . . what will our nation be facing in the years coming?  Compromise is a gateway!  Beware!

” . . . if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?”



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