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March 28, 2012

The Gift

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Our nephew, Joey . . .  well, I shouldn’t call a college professor with a Ph.D and other credentials, Joey, but . . .  he will always be Joey to us.  Anyway, back to the story — he recently sent a book to us.  It is Guibert of Nogent.  It is not on the best selling list with lots of publicity . . . and I doubt that many folks have ever heard that name.  It is the autobiography of Guibert of Nogent.  He was a French monk from the time of the Crusades.

Now all this may not excite you . . . but stay with me.  Let me tell you more.  This is an unheralded masterpiece of Western literature that opens a window on the apocalyptic worldview of the Middle Ages.  This is the first Western autobiography since Augustine’s Confessions.  I could impress you by telling you more.  Bottom line is that it is something beyond the comprehension of most of us.  I confess it is difficult reading . . . but part of it is very fascinating.

This gift of the book . . . and the contents of the book . . . grow pale in light of the publication of this book.  Translated into English, it is a theological manifesto that has never appeared in English until now!  And you know who translated it?  You are right!  Our nephew, Joey!  Imagine what it takes to comprehend such a writing in French and then translate it into English.

Eyes may fall upon the pages of this autobiography, but my mind and thoughts fall upon the translator.  Why would one exert such time and energy into such a project?  I cannot know the heart or motive of Joey, but there are just some things that challenge us — it may be the love of translation . . . or the desire to make a gift to others who could not read French.  And it can just be that compulsion to do something that has never been done.  But for whatever the reason, there must be certain gifts and abilities that make it possible to accomplish.

What I see is a young man investing his gifts, education, and ability.  Such qualities can put a desire within us to do just what Joey has done.  Not translating a book from French to English, but to exercise what gifts we have.

I believe every person has abilities that can make a difference in the lives of other people . . .  a contribution to the world.  The gift or gifts that each have, if employed, can likewise bring great joy and satisfaction to the person also.  Imagine the pride Joey must have in this accomplishment . . . and in the years to come there will be students and scholars that will be grateful for his work.

Have you considered some abilities that you are not exercising?  Sometimes we feel that our gift is not really important — or that no one cares or needs what we could offer.  Could I give some counsel?  Don’t determine the use of your abilities based on how you assume others would respond.  No matter what gift you have — it is part of God’s design for every life.  You are a vital part of this world!

As each finger is important to the function of the hand, every person is important in creating a society that can function as God intended.  Come on — take the risk!  Do something positive with you abilities!  Many of us will be blessed . . . and you will experience genuine satisfaction.

“Each one should use the gift he has received . . . .”  (1 Peter 4:10)  “Stir up the gift of God, which is within you . . . .”  (1 Timothy 1:6)



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  1. I like your blog and I like the scripture: “Stir up the gift of God, which is within you…..” 1 Timothy 1:6 I have been giving that a lot of thought lately.

    Comment by doriswhite — March 28, 2012 @ 7:29 pm | Reply

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