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April 21, 2012

A Word from Beyond

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Question:  “Did you die?”

Answer:  “Yes, I died last week.  The funeral was Monday.  You should have been there.  We had a great time!”

The question was asked because I had not written a blog in almost 3 weeks. And you just read my response to the question!  The answer is about as absurd as the question.  If a person died, can we ask that person anything?  And if the deceased person could respond, does that mean they are speaking to us from eternity?  This whole scenario sounds ridiculous — but I could not help but seize the opportunity to write a blog!

There are some friends who live in Chicago.  They decided to take their vacation during the coldest time of the year there.  They wanted to come to Florida for some of our great winters — warm and wonderful!  They found a special vacation package on the internet.  With low prices and accommodations, they scooped up the deal.  There was one catch.  They must arrive on a Thursday for the special.  When each tried to make arrangements where they worked, the wife’s boss would not allow her to leave work until Friday.

To secure the special package, they agreed that the husband would arrive on Thursday, and she would fly down on Friday evening after work.  Although they were disappointed they could not go together on Thursday, they knew it was a small sacrifice for the wonderful days they would have together in warm, sunny Florida.

The husband arrived at the hotel and checked in.  It was all that had been promised.  It was a lovely room with a great view.  He was so excited for his wife to come and see where they would be staying.  Although he would see his wife the following day, he could not wait to tell her what it was like.  He knew not to call her at work, so he felt to email her that Friday morning would be best.

He went to the hotel lobby and inquired about the use of a computer.  They gladly accommodated him.  In his excitement, he typed in her email address Sally1334.  In his haste he failed to recognize that he had entered the wrong address.  It should have been Sally1344.

By chance, there was an email address with that exact Sally1334.  The address belonged to a widow lady in North Carolina.  This dear lady had just returned from the cemetery where she had buried her husband.  He had been a minister all of their married life, and he had been called home to glory.  Because of their age and health, this couple had talked often about which would die first.   Always the conversation ended with a loving comment that the first one to go to heaven would wait expectantly for the other.

Because this widow had received many words of condolences by email, she went into the family room to check for new e-mails.  The adult children and other family members busied themselves with many other tasks.

Reading the first message, unaware that it had been sent in error to her, she fainted.  The son heard her collapse and ran to her side.  As other family members came to aid, the son turned to read the message sent to this minister’s widow by mistake.

To: My Dear and Faithful Wife  From: Your Recently Departed Husband.  Subject:  I Have Arrived!  Message:  Made the trip fine.  Am all checked in and it is all we had talked about.  I have seen that everything is ready for your arrival tonight.  I am looking forward to seeing you.  I hope your trip will be as smooth as mine.  P.S.  Be sure and pack lightly.  It is hot down here!

Enjoy today.  And . . . I am alive!



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  1. Lawson, that is a hoot! Now that you’re back in retirement, you’ll have more time to write.

    Comment by Stevan Garner — April 21, 2012 @ 3:57 pm | Reply

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