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April 29, 2012


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On my recent hospital confinement, a new nurse came on duty the morning of the fourth day.  She introduced herself . . . made some inquiries about my night, and then asked, “What is your intention today?”

I was not sure what she was asking.  But my immediate response was “To live today like God wants me to live!”

It was obvious she was not expecting such an answer.  And I must confess that with some thought I would have expressed it differently –perhaps in different words that might have sounded more sophisticated or ‘ministerial’ — but the answer would have been the same.

Seeing she was shocked, I asked her what kind of answer did she want.  She began to explain that the question had to do with a spirit of hope and encouragement that she sought from the patient.  She wanted an expressed goal or hope from me — related to my recovery. I had noticed on the large dry eraser and bulletin board in my room the large black letters at the bottom:  MIT

I had wondered what those letters implied.  I assumed it was a space for some medical report.  Then I watched as she in bold black letters wrote across the board exactly what I had said.  “To live today like God wants me to live!”  She even put an exclamation point at the end!

I inquired again what answer did she expect.  She explained the MIT was for “My Intention Today.”  Most patients responded she said with expressions like: Get better; Have less pain; Feel better; Be able to walk some; etc.  I appreciated the  encouragement that it could be to the patient and thanked her for such a caring spirit.  The other nurses had not employed this, but this young nurse sought to encourage her patients.

And there it was for all who entered the room.  My Intention Today — “To live today like God wants me to live!”  If she went and shared it with other staff, she probably heard them say, “Oh, he’s a pastor.”  Hopefully my answer was not because of being a pastor, but regardless of occupation or circumstance, my answer and intention would be the same!

Have you thought about you MIT?  Give it some thought.  Like I have said, if I had taken time to choose my words more deliberately, the expression might have been phrased differently, but the answer would have been the same.  The words I used were sufficient.  The words did express my desire.

I learned something from that experience.  Perhaps I need to ask myself each morning, “What is my intention today?”

An MIT can set the tone for our day.  It can influence everything we do.  I am going to seek to use this . . . perhaps you will join me.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness . . . . ”  (Matthew 6:33)



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  1. Such a profound statement Lawson, we should all consider what our intentions are daily before getting too deeply into that day.
    I am so glad that your recovery was speedy and that you are home with your lovely wife. The congregants at Fort Dade Baptist continue to pray for your full recovery. God bless.
    Stevan Garner

    Comment by Stevan Garner — April 29, 2012 @ 6:46 am | Reply

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