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April 30, 2012

When I Grow Up

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Having “retired again,” I began to ask myself what I will do now!  I have played with the question, “What am I going to do when I grow up?”

Just because I have “retired” from interim work does not mean that life is over . . . or that there is not something else I can do.  But what will I do?  There are a many things before me.  Sure, 77.5 years of age does bring some limitations — but there is still a fire in the stove and I want to keep it going!

There are some new adventures . . . opportunities . . . hobbies . . . maybe even a new career.  Well, strike the last one!  No new career because my career is a life-time calling.  I am, and always will be, a minister of the gospel.  And there will continue to be the fulfilment of that!  But what about this extra time on my hands!  Do I challenge myself to accomplish something new?  Why not?

Whatever I prepare to pursue, I need some guidelines.  I tried to suggest to myself such guidelines.  As I share them, consider how you could use such suggestions for whatever you desire to attempt.

1.  I need to think larger than before.  I don’t need to just refresh myself of something I have accomplished before.  Nor do I need to settle for what I know I can do.  I need to think big!  What can I do that I have never done before, and yet is possible with my age and physical health?  I must dream big!

I do not need to put on the list walking the Great Wall of China.  That might be a dream, but I readily conclude it is not within my ability now.  I can list many idealistic challenges, but I must be practical and use common sense.  However, I will not focus on what I cannot do, but what I can do.  And my focus is not on a one time adventure, but an ongoing accomplishment where I will be learning to obtain some goal.  I am talking about some activity or routine that I will learn and do regularly.

Some examples:  playing an instrument, developing an organic garden, photography, welding, writing a novel,  oil painting, etc.

2. I must stay true to my convictions and life course.  There is a framework in which I must remain.  Whatever hobby, challenge, or accomplishment that I propose, it cannot violate my character and calling.  If for example, I determine to learn to play the guitar, I must do it for my pleasure and to glorify my God.  I cannot use it for personal fame or in an environment contrary to my life’s commitment.  I must ask myself what is the purpose of seeking to accomplish this?  There is nothing wrong with personal pleasure or satisfaction, but for me, it must be within the realm of God’s approval.

What I choose must have its parameters.  Will my accomplishment better my physical and mental life?  Will it strengthen my commitment to God?  Will it serve others?  I can find pleasure in many areas, but that pleasure must be beneficial.  However, it does not violate my purpose in existing because it brings pleasure only to me.  I can determine an accomplishment without it having benefit to others.  It does not have to be something that is serving mankind.  But I should ask myself what is my purpose.  I may do it simply for enjoyment to me.  That would strengthen my personal life . . . and that is ok.  It would make me happy, and being happy is something God wants for me.  Of course, happiness must be defined within the approval of God.

Some examples:  collecting and working more difficult puzzles, volunteering at hospitals or charities, biking, learning a new language, weight-lifting, learning to juggle, etc.

I realize this blog is more for  those of my age.  But it may stimulate some thinking among us all.  I just want to do some things when I grow up that will be fun — bring happiness.  I want to participate in some things that will challenge me and cause me to keep the body and mind active.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses, knows as Grandma Moses, was a renowned American folk artist who turned out her first painting at the age of 76.  She had found farm work too difficult — “retired” — and began to paint.  She is a marvelous example that “when I grow up” I can accomplish something that I have never attempted before.  I am expecting a marvelous future — I will simply keep in perspective tha authority of God over my life.

“. . . whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  (1 Corinthians 10:13)


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