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June 12, 2012


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I stopped suddenly in the aisle at Walmart today!  There . . . before my very eyes was a beautiful sight!  I don’t believe I have ever seen such a large display of Mounds!  And I must confess when I see a Mounds . . . it is pure ecstasy!  Just the thought of the taste . . . heaven!

The Mounds candy bar — sister product to Almond Joy!  But nothing compares to a Mound.  That rich coconut base covered with dark chocolate!  I have loved Mounds since I was a young boy.  The Mounds was created  by Hershey’s in 1920 as a single piece of candy that sold for 5 cents.  In 1929 Peter Paul Company purchased these candies and changed to two pieces in the wrapper, but still sold it for 5 cents.  During WW II, the price was raised to 10 cents.

The Mounds candy bar and I have a long history!  In the recent weeks it has graced by life.  A young preacher who had given folks some M and M’s, remembered my suggesting he bring Mounds next time.  And he did bring some to me. I have enjoyed them and find myself wanting more!

This night I realized I needed a Mounds!   So I bought one!  And I have just enjoyed it!  The flavored lingers . . . and I have no plans to let it be diminished by some other product that I might eat!  No . . . I need the comfort and joy from that Mounds!

Perhaps I had eaten a Mounds earlier in my life, but my first recollection was during WW II.  My father was in the Army.  On furlough, he brought home a whole box of Mounds.  I am assuming they were difficult to obtain and he bought them at the base commissary.  My mother must have treasured them . . . so she hid them!  Or so she thought!

I remember that first Mounds hooked me!  It was certainly the sweetest, most wonderful candy bar I had ever eaten. My mother had made the mistake of opening one of the Mounds and giving me one of the pieces.  I believe right at that moment I committed myself to stealing . . . or whatever it would take to have more!

In a back hallway in our home, there was a large chest and trunk.  This part of the hall was closed off with a curtain because this part of the hall was not used.  My mother hid the box of Mounds in the top drawer of that chest.  In was convenient for her . . . and she assumed was beyond my reach.  She certainly underestimated her boy!

I assume that over the next several days I must have played ‘hide and seek’ with that box of Mounds.  And at last!  The adventurous son found them!  The drawer in the chest was beyond my reach . . . but my mother had not realized that I could climb on the old trunk and reach far enough to open the top drawer.  I was blessed that she put them in the drawer on the side of the trunk.  If she had placed them in the drawer on the far side, they would have been out of my reach!  Well . . . perhaps not.  I guess I could have climbed on the top of the chest to the far side!  Where there is a will . . . there is a way.

Over the next several weeks, I remember repeating the crime!  I don’t know if it was every day . . . or ever so often, but I did continued to steal a Mounds.  I know that my mother surely must have wondered why the supply was diminishing, unless she was also crazed with them and went to the box so often she was not keeping up with how fast they were disappearing!  Nevertheless, that was the beginning of my love affair with Mounds.

In the coming years, I would only have a Mounds on occasion.  It related to my stingy way.  The Mound was 10 cents while a Babe
Ruth was ony 5 cents . . . as were most candy bars!  But there were times when I would shake loose for a dime and buy a Mound.  I know that at our store during my teenage years, I would open the candy case often for some of the sweets that sold for a penny, and on rare occasions, my folks would let me spring for a nickel candy bar . . . but never the Mound at a dime!

Time . . . prices . . . and size have changed.  But the flavor of the Mound remains as original as my first Mounds.  I guess it says that some things change and the same thing doesn’t change.

In all my reminiscent, I wonder if there is a lesson for me?  Perhaps!  We can change much in body, appearance, and health . . . as I have,  But I realize that since Jesus Christ came into my life some 65 years ago, the flavor is still the same.  He has not changed . . . nor has His power, influence, and sweetness changed.  I must remember that . . . and be thankful!

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  (Hebrews 13:8)




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