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July 6, 2012

It happened this way . . . .

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Today was the first day out since my shoulder surgery.  The surgery is obvious . . . large, obtrusive sling.  Everyone looks!  You can read their minds.  “What happened to him?”  Add my limp as I walk and most people assume I had an accident . . . or at my age a nasty fall.

But many would pause and ask, “What happened?”

So I have finally told the story.  It is a little embarrassing, but sooner or later the story will come out.  Now I share with all my readers the story told today!

I have always been ready to walk on the edge and do some things that one my age should not.  I discontinued riding some years ago, but never lost the joy.  Some months ago, my wife and I were out on one of our excursions.  And there that morning I saw three of the most beautiful horses I had seen in a long time,  My heart beat faster . . . oh, to ride again.  Judy could see it in my eyes.  Before I could say anything, she remarked, “Don’t even think about it!”

“But honey, I can handle it.”

“No, you might get thrown . . . or even fall off,” she responded.

I could tell her disapproval,  It was not the cost of the ride . . . or the time she would have to wait for me.  Her disapproval was clothed in love.  She feared for my safety.  I understood, and I should have responded in love and respect to her concerns.  But then I am a man . . . stubborn . . . confident that can still do things like a younger man . . . and guided too often by impulse rather than maturity.  Judy shrugged her shoulders . . . surrendering to her knowing I was going to do it!

I picked that mount that had a look as if to say, “I’ll be gentle.  Mount up.”

And I did.  It felt so good to be in a saddle again.  And we were off . . . but, we hardly moved and for some reason I fell off.  Judy came to help me up.  She, in a loving way, said “I told you so.”

My response was trying to express it was just one of those freak things.  I began to pull myself into the saddle again.  “Please don’t,” Judy said.

I continued . . . and got settled into that saddle again . . . and wouldn’t you know it?  I hit the ground again.  By now I am embarrassed.  Not only because several people were watching and probably taking about that “old man,”  but what hurt more than the damage to my shoulder or my pride was that I had ignored Judy’s loving concern and protection for me.

As I got up to try to cover all those feelings and to try to prove my manhood by getting back into that saddle, Judy exclaimed very emphatically,  “If you dare try to get back in that saddle again, it will do you no good.  I will not put another quarter in that machine!”

Good story, eh?  But I probably held your attention . . . but you probably were skeptical from the get-go!  Those of you who have read my humor books were doubtful from the beginning, I’m sure!  But hopefully it has brought a little smile.  At least it has been good exercise for me . . .   typing with one finger is slow!



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  1. Pastor Jolly: You are sooooooooo funny!!!!! I know it doesn’t feel funny right now but for you to have such a sense of humour with all you have been through! I read it out loud to Dody and she and I laughed and laughed……and laughed some more! I know that the Lord has a special job for you in heaven……and I’m not sure yet, but I believe it will have something to do with your sense of humour!!!!!!!!! I hope I will be close by to see what you are doing!!!! LOL!

    Comment by doriswhite — July 6, 2012 @ 9:46 pm | Reply

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