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July 12, 2012

Real Life — Get A Grip!

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Notice:  This blog is for all those who whine and complain!

Another day spent at the Moffitt Cancer Center . . .  and visits with ‘old’ friends,  and making new friends.  In other blogs I have praised the doctors, nurses, and  administrative personnel.  We often laugh with each other that evidently we come too often since they know us so well.  Although no one looks forward to visits there, it is always good to see these who have done so much for you.

Often we see other patients who we have come to know.  Then in the various waiting rooms we meet new friends.  Today, I realized something as never before.  It is truly an ‘up beat’ place.  There is a general friendliness among all the patients.  Not a single person is complaining!  No one is bemoaning their situation!  N0 one is mad because they got a raw deal!

When I acknowledged this to myself, I began to think about some folks.  Whether it is verbally expressed, written on Facebook, or just mumbled to themselves . . .  there are so many people  complaining or whining about their life.  “I don’t know why I have to put up with this!”  “If I didn’t live here I would . . . !”  “If we lived in a better house . . .!”  “If the kids would . . . !”  “If the washer . . . !”  “If  we could . . . !”

Sound familiar?  So many people think life is bad!  So many fuss about their situation . . . and you may have it bad, but it is a perspective on the situation that is needed.  Perhaps you cannot change your circumstances, but all of us can control our reaction to the situation.  Our attitude and response to it can can be changed if need be.

So to all the whiners and complainers, I can suggest how you can get an attitude adjustment or perspective on real life!  Go spend some time in the waiting rooms at Moffitt!  See folks whose lives are forever changed because of their cancer!  Some know life has been shortened!  Some will be in treatment for a long time!  Some will never be the person physically they used to be!  They do not have the health they desire!  They do not have the mobility they once had!  They do not have the freedom of personal time because of commitments to treatments!  They can no longer do the dishes or laundry!  They can no longer cut the grass or plant flowers!  Their world has been turned upside down!

But do we hear them whining and complaining?  Not at all!  They certainly have earned the right to receive the Whiner Award of the Year!  But they have accepted what life has brought into their life.  They are courageous people from whom we all can learn a lesson.

If you are a whiner or complainer about those ‘inconveniences’ or ‘dislikes’ you have in your life . . . please go visit real life as you will see it in the lives of those in the waiting rooms at Moffitt Cancer Center!  See real life lived . . . and you will probably get a grip on your life.  I truly believe that your complaints will not be so overwhelming!  Perspective makes a difference!

And if you cannot make the trip, God has an answer for you in your situation.

“The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble.”  (Nahum 1:7)   “Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you.”  (1 Peter 5:7)



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