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July 15, 2012

Miles and Miles in the Dark

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Several university students  desired to minister over a weekend.  I agreed to take them to a very remote and barren place in Central America.  Because of our number, I borrowed a truck with a cover so that some of the students could ride in back but be protected from the weather.  We headed far into the bush.  There was no specific road for a vehicle.  There was only a walk path or one used on occasion by a mule or oxen.  We forded several streams and small rivers.

A  family was expecting us, and they had invited others to come that Saturday evening.  There was a large camp fire, and people gathered around for the service  the students planned.  In preparation, I thought it appropriate to move the truck a short distance so that it would not be a distraction.  The truck engine would not start.  From my diagnosis, we had probably gotten water into the distributor, which later proved to be a more serious problem.  As I prepared to work on the truck, I discovered there were no tools or even a flashlight.  They had probably been stolen before our trip.  The homeowner had no tools.  The best tool available was simply a knife.  There was not enough light, and I realized I had  a problem.  The concern was that we needed to be in to a small village later that night so that these students could lead a service in the church in that village the following morning.

I determined that the best thing would be for me to go to that village that was about five to seven miles away while the students conducted the service where we were.  In the village I could get some help and return at daybreak to repair the truck, or at least pull it back by mule or oxen.  The students could stay where they were and sleep around the fire and be cared for by the host at the home.

The dilemma was that I did not know the way back to the village by foot.  It had been extremely difficult in the daylight, but to find my way at night was probably impossible.  A teenager who lived in the area suggested that he could show me the way.  Feeling confident in him, we began our journey that would take some five or six hours.  This young man had apparently never tried to make the trip at night with no moon.  It was totally dark.  We would, at times, literally feel our way by hand.  We felt we were on the path simply because we would not walk into a tree.  We crossed those streams and rivers in a few places that seemed deeper than when we came, and at other times they seemed to be less deep.  Fording the streams gave us no sense of certainty that we were on the path.  It did give us wet feet, of course.

During this arduous journey we encountered many strange sounds.  The young man was more adept to the interpretation than I.  We did know that many animals of various species moved about in these jungles.  I confess there was apprehension on my part.  Within my breast was a call to my Heavenly Father to protect and guide us.  It would be so easy for us to get lost and go in circles.  There was the possibility of a fall and injury, an attack from animals, and even the possibility of an attack from man.

We both expressed joy when we finally made our way to the village.  At daybreak, we found help, and two men went with a team of oxen and pulled the truck back to the village where I  repaired it while the students were leading the service the following morning.

There is perhaps a parable for us in this experience of mine.  It can, at times, seem that we are living our our life in the dark, wandering around, unsure of direction.  There can be great apprehension of what a day might bring.  True, life may have times of darkness, uncertainty, and even fear of the unexpected, but there is a light and peace available from the Perfect Guide.  He is our Heavenly Father!  There is no place you can travel that He has not been.  He knows where you are and what you need.  Trust Him and follow Him and there will be security for each day.

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you . . . . For I am the Lord, your God . . . .” (Isaiah 43:2,3) “The Lord will guide you always.”  (Isaiah 58:11)    “For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.”  (Psalm 48:14)





    Comment by DUDLEY HENRY — July 15, 2012 @ 9:02 am | Reply

  2. What an encouragement. I know some friends who need this reminder right now. Can’t wait to share it.

    Comment by jjr — July 15, 2012 @ 10:27 am | Reply

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