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July 16, 2012

What’s For Breakfast?

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I read my blog from yesterday (Miles and Miles in the Dark, about walking all night in the dark jungle.  As I read it, my thoughts went to that morning the men went with the oxen to retrieve the truck.

It was a little after daybreak and as the men left, my teenage friend and I went into the small evangelical church.  We each chose one of the rough wooded pews to lay down on and attempted to get some sleep.  We had hardly gotten quiet when a man came in.  He was aware of our situation as the other men had told him where they were going.

The gentleman apologized for disturbing us, but he graciously invited us to his home.  We expressed that we would be comfortable and would wait for the truck so I could begin repairs.  He insisted that we come . . . he expressed a truth when he said that surely we were hungry.  It was true we needed to eat, so we accepted his invitation and walked with him a short distant to his home.

We were welcomed by his wife and several children.  We were seated at their table which was under a canopy  . . . with a dirt floor . . . and no walls.  As the custom, the men would eat first and then the women after we finished.  Our beverage was green coconut juice.  This was my usual drink in these circumstances!  It was too hot for some beverages that would be safe to drink, and water was avoided, of course, because of possible contamination.

In a few minutes our breakfast was served.  The badly chipped plate had a biscuit . . .  I could always survive on a biscuit!  After all, biscuit shapes and sizes may vary . . . but basically a biscuit is a biscuit!  But what is that floating back and forth across the plate like the tide going in and out?  And what are those small brown pieces of meat that roll with the tide?

Please understand . . . we always appreciated whatever was served to us.  We would never offend our host and hostess who were always giving us their best . . . often denying themselves.

If you have read my blog on (Fried Chicken, you have read of the song Judy and I had for such occasions.  “Lord, we will go where you want us to go; We will eat what you want us to eat; We will swallow it down without a frown; But, O Lord, you will need to keep it down.”  So this breakfast was one of those moments that I was praying that song in my mind.

I recognized the yellow substance — it was scrambled (?) eggs!  The last thing I believe I want for breakfast are scrambled eggs that you have to chase all over the plate!  But wait . . . at least I recognized the eggs, so what are those strange little pieces of meat that look a little like square meatballs?  As I cut one and tasted it . . . I either realized what it was or some remark was made that I concluded it was . . . iguana!  Iguana is considered “white” meat, but all I have seen is dark pink.

Oh, I had eaten iguana on other occasions, but it was usually strips like beef jerky or fried or roasted!  This was different . . . I don’t know if it had been boiled, roasted . . . fried . . . or, cooked only the amount of time it took those eggs to scatter.  But I assure you it was different.

I have been served in different places about every kind of meat imaginable . . . including dog . . . and various sea urchins . . . but this truly was different!  And although I was not anxious to eat (drink) those eggs, I was happy to wrapped as much  of those fluid eggs as possible around those pieces of iguana.  And I cleaned my plate . . . and God kept it down!

Most of all, my memory is more on the love this family had for me.  Because of the love of God in their hearts, they wanted to serve me their best.

I realized that for all of us who claim that the love of Christ abounds in our heart, we must express love to others and express that love even if we seem uncomfortable.

” . . . I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.”  (1 Corinthians 9:22)  “Whoever loves God must also love his brother.”  (1 John 4:21)



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