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July 21, 2012

Wedding Ring

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In our society, the last present given before coming husband and wife is a wedding ring.  The giving of a ring symbolizes love, devotion, and commitment.  The ring is usually of a substance that will not tarnish, and obviously the ring is round that symbolizes forever.

The wedding ring gives a testimony that the couple believe their marriage is forever and will not be stained.  Wearing the wedding ring in public also makes a statement to other people.  When others see the wedding ring they understand that the person has made a commitment to another person to be faithful to their spouse and love them forever.

Without a wedding ring, it will generally be assumed the person is single — not married yet, divorced, or widowed.  This all sounds like the perfect world.  But we do not live in a perfect world.  There are some married people who do not wear their wedding ring all the time.  Again, some can be excused because of a skin reaction, the type work they  do, etc.   But I am thinking of those who remove their wedding ring on occasions when not with their spouse.

Why do some men remove their wedding ring when they are travelling or attending certain events or conventions?  (However, I don’t believe it is only the male spouse that is guilty!)  Let me give my answer to my question.  I believe it is an unwillingness to be publicly defined as married!  The only reason I can imagine for removing the ring is so they can flirt!

This act of removing the ring is socially called Naked Finger.  There is actually a definition for Naked Finger in The Urban Dictionary.  It is defined: “When a married person does not wear his or her wedding ring because he or she is angry at his or her spouse.”  My response to that . . . come on!  More often it is so that it can be assumed the person is not married or single.  Did you know there is even a website to advertise Naked Finger.  Photos are submitted with the ring finger showing no ring.  Some may be single or divorced, but nothing prohibits a married person advertising a lie.  We do live in a perverse world!

With my recent shoulder surgery, I had to remove my wedding band prior to the surgery because of expected swelling in my hand.  And the swelling was there.  For almost three weeks I could not get my ring on.  Every few days I would try to put my wedding band on.  It became my marker for determining less swelling.  I must tell you that it almost drove me crazy not to feel and sense that wedding band on my finger.  I cannot conceive of any man feeling comfortable with the removal of his wedding band . . . whatever be the reason!

This blog was prompted by a recent commercial on television.  It featured a “new” wedding band for the wife to give her husband.  Inside the ring is an engraving.  But the engraving is different from what is found in most wedding bands.  The engraving is raised.  The engraving is so raised that when the man takes off his wedding ring . . . imprinted on his finger are the words: I am married!

Here is what I think.  If any woman needs to give such wedding ring to her husband . . . she has a bigger problem than she realizes.  What is she thinking in marrying a man who she already suspects will remove his ring for all the wrong motives?

Again today, this is just my opinion.  And I will refrain from Biblical teachings about marriage . . . but I most say to those that play this game of pretending to be single at times . . . God is watching!



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