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July 23, 2012

The Bullet Dress

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Our years in Central America were volatile in countries such as Nicaragua and San Salvador. Yet, other countries had  difficult days, also.  In previous blogs I have shared with you our plane flight with one of the leaders of the Sandinistas on the day before the revolution in Nicaragua.  I have shared with you all the military war machines lining the runway in Belize as we flew in.  I have shared with you the  confrontation with the Communist demonstrators in Costa Rica.  Those were tumultuous years when some groups were always advocating and attempting to take over the government structures.

Costa Rica was the most stable country.  Costa Rica boasted of having no army . . . but they had one of the best police forces equipped with fire power as one could find.  For example, I have shared with you how we would fly from San Jose to Limon.  There was no air strip as the beach provided enough space and smoothness on which to land.  However, you could not land on the beach without permission.  There were police patrols that guarded the beach.  To land, contact was made with such patrol to receive permission.  This was to protect the borders from any possible landing by some adversary.

Because flight plans were not filed, a plane could land and depart from the beach at any time.  It also meant that contraband could arrive or exit from there.  Thus all departing planes were carefully searched . . . as well as passengers. A typical commercial flight going to the capital city was carefully checked.

An old, out-dated, DC-3 was what we would fly commercially.  It was really used as a freight plane and so seats were added to accommodate the number of passengers.  For the most part the military profiled the passengers.  We never encountered any problems, but on one occasion a non-American mother and daughter were arrested.  The mother had carefully made and dressed her daughter in a typical Spanish dress with all the ruffles and bright colors.  Who would expect that young girl to be guilty of anything?

Within all those ruffles the mother had carefully sewn several hundred rifle cartridges!  The young girl had to be aware of it.  How else could the mother explain the “heavy” skirt?  The mother was either a supporter of a radical group or paid to smuggle contraband into San Jose.  This ammunition had obviously been smuggled into the country by some who had crossed the border.  Now they had enlisted this mother to help in their plan.  And the mother used her daughter to obtain her purpose!

Commitment to a cause is one thing . . . risk for the sake of money is another!  And to exploit children for either reason is wrong!

Just thought I would express an opinion today!



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