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July 29, 2012


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PT — an acronym.  But an acronym for what?  There are over 135 definitions for the PT acronym!  Some you would guess . . . Physical Training, Part time, Physical Therapy, Pint, Pacific Time!

But the PT I address today is for Physical Therapy.  I have been there at other times because of illnesses or injuries, but I find myself involved again following my recent surgery.  Other occasions it has been for weeks, but I am told we may be looking at 3 months!

Why physical therapy?  Physical therapy is to promote mobility and functional ability.  It is to improve the quality of life from the present condition.  It is a typical process following any orthopaedic surgery.  When a body limb, for instance, has been immobilized for a prolonged period of time, much of the muscle function has been lost.  But it can be restored through physical therapy.

I am told that if one binds an arm to the body for a prolonged length of time, when the binding is removed the arm cannot be moved.  It is called atrophy.  I am grateful that most of my function can be restored by diligently adhering to the process guided by my physical therapist. I joyfully participate because I want as much use of my arm as possible.  I do not find this atrophy acceptable to my life style.

This whole process has reminded me of abilities and gifts that everyone has . . . those abilities and gifts given to each of us by God.  He determined what special functions each of us have.  We do not all have the same gifts, but we all have equal responsibilities to use them.  And just as our arm was intended to  serve, there are gifts and abilities we have that God intends to function.  We must be on guard that we do experience gift atrophy.

Jesus told a story in the New Testament about a man entrusting several of his workers with responsibilities.  He gifted each one with various amounts of money.  The man left on a trip.  When he returned, he called all three men to give an accounting of how they had used the gifts given.  Two of them had used the gifts wisely and profitably . . . but the third had been fearful and simply buried it and did not use it.  He held on to it.

Jesus commended the first two for their using what was given to them.  To the third, Jesus took away the gift because it had not been used.  The man’s refusal to use/exercise/employ his gift resulted in a total loss of the gift.

I have a sermon entitled “Use It or Lose It!”  In that sermon I told a true story.  The pastor heard a man singing in the building.  The pastor spoke to the minister of music and asked about the man singing.  The pastor called the name of a singer and asked if this was the man.  The minister of music indicated it was that man.  The pastor spoke highly of the man singing in past years and remarked how he used to hear him sing at many of the big conventions.  Then he said, “But he doesn’t sound very good.  What is wrong?  He is not very good!”

The minister of music said the man had not sung in many years.  He then related a story of how the man had gotten upset with his church and dropped out of the choir.  The man continued to come to church, but later even gave up participating and singing with the congregation.  It was not long before he just quit church totally.  But the minister of music told how the man had become repentant and wanted to begin singing again.

The pastor asked, “Will he ever be able to sing like he used to?”

The minister of music said, “No, not unless God does a miracle.  He has gone so long not using his gift that he has basically lost it.”

That is a good illustration of atrophy . . . at least for us using our talents and gifts!

Isn’t that the lesson Jesus wants us to hear?  We all have gifts and abilities . . . we use them . . . or we lose them!  Should you be singing in your church choir?  Teaching children?  Aiding in decorating . . . or beautifying the church property?  Or even apart from the church . . . that gift of baking and sharing with neighbors or the elderly, are you still doing it?  That gift of giving comfort and support through a volunteer program, are you still doing it?  Be sure we need to be actively employing our gifts and abilities, or we may lose the ability or gift!  If you have taken a “vacation” from employing your gift . . . it is not too late to start using it!

Think on it today.  Use it or lose it!

“Stir up the gift of God that is within you.”   (2 Timothy 1:6)



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