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August 3, 2012

A Love Letter

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Tomorrow, August 4, Judy and I celebrate 50 years of marriage. I will have something to say tomorrow on that special day, but today I would like to post a love letter that was written in a church mail-out, The First Fellowship, May 5, 1987.  That was 25 years ago for Mother’s Day.  What I said that day . . . is even more true today!

Dear Judy,

Like so many husbands, I squander our private times by talking about the church, the children, and a multitude of others things.  Then later I find myself wishing that I had expressed my heart of love for all you are and mean to me.  I must be true to that desire today and let you and the whole world know what you mean to me.

Our relationship has so changed my life that I wish for every husband in the land a wife like you.  There are so many words that characterize your influence on me.

Love.  You have truly taught me the genuine love that must exist in a marriage.  The ‘agape’ love of Christ is your love to me, the children, and others.  You truly love and give without expecting anything in return.  I love you for demonstrating ‘agape’ that I so often preach to others.

Companionship.  You are always there.  You so walk with me through my whole life and ministry.  The partnership we have is a stabilizer in my life.  How frightening it would be to live my life alone in the task God has given me.  How blessed I am that the companion God gave me was you.

Wisdom.  Those who know you well respect your insight and wisdom.  With a typical male ego, I must bow to your godly wisdom.  You daily demonstrate a patience and sensitivity that exemplifies wisdom.  My ministry is stronger because of your kind wisdom given to me.

Strength.  Few people in the world have the strength you possess.  Our years together have faced many difficulties, trials, and heartbreaks.  Yet, each time your strength has been sufficient for both of us.  I know that your source of strength is from the Lord.
But God uses you to channel His strength to me.

Refuge.  You have made our home a refuge.  I grasp the biblical teaching of a refuge through our home and marriage.  You have made our home and marriage a retreat, a hiding place, a protection, a refreshment, and a renewal.  I can take all the world will throw because I know that I can come home to you.  I can leave home for labor renewed because of the time spent in the environment you have provided.

Honey, few people can ever know your ministry and commitment.  They see and hear me, but how I long for them to understand that God also has called you . . . that you responded . . . and minister side-by-side with me.  I am a man truly blessed.  God has given me the privilege to serve Him, and He has provided the equal helpmeet who has accepted His call and the commitment that follows.

Proverbs 31 surely was written with you in mind.  I honor you and thank God for you.  And I desire to be responsive to the teaching of God’s Word: “Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”  (Proverbs 31:31)

Forgive me for embarrassing you with my praise and love, but my heart is full and I want all to know how I love my wife.  And I praise my God for blessing me with you!



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