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August 7, 2012

The Get-a-Way Car!

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Just like in the movies . . . there is a get-a-way car for quickly leaving an event!  A few days ago our car became a ‘get-a-way’ car!

Oh, you have witnessed the scene!  A couple has just gotten married . . . concluded their time at the reception . . . and they make their escape!  The escape is in the ‘get-a-way’ car!

Having performed hundreds of marriages, I have seen so many ‘get-a-way’ cars.  They are usually decorated by friends!  The cars will have writing on it saying “Just Married.”  Of course, many times there are other words painted on the side windows that are embarrassing!  Then there will be tin cans attached to the rear of the car!  Sometimes the interior of the car is decorated . . . or should I say, filled with various smells . . . objects . . . and the best of these is the entire car so filled with balloons that the couple cannot get inside the vehicle!

When Judy and I married, we anticipated such!  We did not care to have such on the car as we headed for Miami!   We arranged for our car to be safely hidden, and an adult friend — one that no one would have suspected — provided the surprise get-a-way!

But a couple of days ago, the past caught up with us!  It was time to pay the dues!  We joyfully celebrated our golden wedding anniversary!  Our children hosted the event with some 200 guests!  It was something spectacular!  There was such joy in greeting old friends . . .  some came hundreds of miles to celebrate with us.

After the event concluded, we prepared to leave.  We had no clue about what would greet us as we left!  Friends had gathered outside to wish us well as we would leave!  Ok, that was not anticipated . . . but then we saw the car!

Oh, it was decorated for a ‘get-a-way’ car!  Take a look!  The rear window was painted . . .   “Just Married”  (50 Years Ago!)  And look at the balloons and the cans!  We had missed the grandchildren during the reception and now we know what they were up to!  I also believed that our oldest son, Lawson III, was involved!  And that the other two children, Jennifer and David, were co-conspirators!  So, fifty years later we were to know what it felt like to leave the wedding reception in a “marked” car!

Marking cars this way is just keeping up some very old traditions.  In by-gone years, the bride and groom would leave in a carriage.  It was considered good luck for the carriage to be drawn by gray horses.  (Note the color of our car!) And our ‘carriage’ is powered by horses — approximately 239!  (That is, horsepower!)  It was also bad luck if the horses balked or refused to move.  But I can tell you the horses in this carriage moved!

The tradition of tin cans — whether on a carriage or car — were attached so that as the carriage moved, there would be noise!  And the noise was to ward off evil spirits that might even attempt to capture the bride!  We had no need for cans . . . no evil spirit could touch my bride  . . . she is protected by her faith and the guardianship of a loving Father!

What about the balloons?  Is there a tradition?  Certainly not in medieval times when so many of these things got started.  I wondered . . . why balloons?  Maybe it is to make the ‘carriage’ lighter so it would float away!  Or perhaps it is to make the ‘carriage’ lighter so that the horses can pull it faster!   Or perhaps it is just to be festive!  I’ll buy that one!  Anyway. we left in our gray carriage, powered by horses, and equipped with noise makers to ward off evil — like that fast driver coming up behind us!

And where does the couple go?  Usually the honeymoon!  That is an interesting event as defined in old times!  Wikipedia says “The honeymoon was originally described as a period after the wedding when things are at their sweetest; it is assumed to wane in a month!”  What?  Who came up with that definition?  Must have been defined by some unhappy or formally married person!  But I checked further . . . seems the person who gave the definition was influenced by the Oxford English Dictionary.  That dictionary infers the idea that the first month of marriage is the sweetest, and that the love will wane like a phase of the moon.

First month sweetest?  Take it from one that has had 600 months of marriage!  It gets sweeter . . . it does not wane, no matter how many times the moon goes through phases!  Known anyone who was on a 600 month honeymoon!  I do!

It seems that the most conclusive explanation for the word honeymoon comes from the tradition of the father providing mead to the couple for a month.  Mead was a honey beer.  Thus, honey for a month!  The French called it a “month of honey.”  Some suggest that a cup a day was to be consumed . . . some saying that both husband and wife consumed it ensuring happiness and fertility.  Nevertheless, honeymoon has been a traditional time for the newly weds!

Without the beer . . . without having to prove anything . . . the honeymoon for Judy and I is just the joy of sharing our love for each other as from the that first day it began fifty years ago!

So let the honeymoon continue!



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  1. We saw the “chariot” as we left last Saturday! We were filled overjoyed seeing you two again (I trust we will meet many more times). And meeting your family — Jennifer, David, and Lawson — what a beautiful time!! Wish we could have stayed. Sue has arthritis in her back and has been to pain management to receive shots, which helped for many weeks. She goes back next Monday to arrange for shots again.

    So glad to have been a part of this celebration.


    Comment by Bill Rogers — August 8, 2012 @ 10:16 am | Reply

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