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August 22, 2012

Close Encounters

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Recently I reviewed several experiences in my life where God was there!  I mean special moments when my life could have been in great danger . . . and no harm came to me.  My mind labeled those as close encounters.  As I thought on several, my heart turned in thanksgiving to the gracious care of my Heavenly Father.

I could never list all of them . . . but I realized that I had written about many of them.  I began to list these.  And a portion of the list is provided for you if you have never read of them. Most of these were early blogs.  I know the vast number of new readers will not go back through the archives and I would like for all to hear some of my stories of God’s goodness. I would invite you over time to click on some of these and see what a wonderful thing my God has done in my life to protect and care for me.  The marvel of it . . . He will do this in any life that will yield to Him and allow Him to be the Everything in your life.  And certainly you will read of the many lessons I have learned through these experiences.  I publish this in thanksgiving to my God.

1.  Driving the car backwards as a six-year old.  Angels at Christmas

2.  Almost drowning at the quarry.  Rescue at the Quarry

3.  Passing out on I-75.  The U-Haul Truck on I-75

4. Meeting and turning in a fugitive.  The Fugitive and the Deacon

5.  Being a mediator in a stand-off.  Desperate with a Gun

6.  Racing a waterspout. Stormy Seas

7.  Marooned on an island.  Stranded

8.  Stranded in a hostile village.  “Get out of town!”

9.  Flying across Tampa airport runways.  Running with the Big Dogs

10. Men breaking into our home.  The Robbers and the Mask

11.  Walking through jungle at night.  Miles and Miles in the Dark

12.  Falling in an elevator.  Elevator Fall

13.  Scary flying.  Flying By the Seat of Your Pants

14.  Expected crash landing.  Emergency Landing

15.  Car wreck.  Responding

16.  In hostile land.  Voodoo in Haiti

17.  Climbing too high.  Told to Stop

18.  Fearful of being a target of fun.  Feeling All Alone

19.  Being foolish.  Most Foolish

20.  Could have lost a hand.  It Exploded

21.  Climbing down Stone Mountain.  Good Fear

22. Camping in the wrong place.  Pythons

23.  Deep in the jungle.  Fried Chicken


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