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September 10, 2012


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No reason to ask, “Have you ever been disappointed?”  No reason to ask because . . . everyone has experienced disappointment!  To not have experienced a disappointment in life is to say you never had an expectation of something!  Let’s agree that disappointments are common to all of us.

Most of our disappointments are not life-altering!  Some may be . . . but for most of us those disappointments lasted only a short period and we continued on with our life.  Certainly some have been disappointed as a result of a relationship that did not work out . . . or a certain job or opportunity that was not offered when you expected it . . . or that someone let you down and was not what you expected of them. Think about some of your disappointments in life.  That is not to bring sorrow to you or to discourage you.  There is a good purpose to remember some disappointment.  How did you handle it?  Is it having sway in your life even till this day?

I cannot recall “big” disappointments that hang on to me like an old anchor.  Most of those I try to list are so small in light of what life has been that such moments of disappointment are difficult to recall.  There are a couple of times of disappointment that I remember — but I had to sit and think to come up with them.

I do recall a disappointment over a science project presentation when I was in high school.  With a lab partner, we prepared for the National Science Fair in Chicago.  We did comparisons of animal brains to a human brain.  As part of our presentation, we presented the brains of many animals.  We were able through the cooperation of veterinarians and others to remove the brains of a cow, squirrel, goat, dog, cat, and others.  We felt we had an excellent project.  We did win on the first and second levels, and then we came to the Georgia State Science Fair with the winner to go to Chicago.  In the judging, we fell a few points short of what was required to move on to the National level.  I confess I was truly disappointed.  I do not claim unfairness in judging . . . but acknowledge that we simply failed.  The disappointment was there.  I can remember it if I determine to.

Another time of disappointment was when I was rejected as a candidate for the NavCad program . . . the Navy aviation program.  That experience was shared in a recent blog and so I do not need to repeat the circumstances.  (It can be found at Rejected

Now neither of these experiences come to mind with regret . . . only as a remembrance of being disappointed.  And as we have said, disappointment are realities of life.  Yet, what is most important is that we learn how to deal with disappointments.  I want to use an example of how to deal with disappointment from the life of the Apostle Paul in the New Testament.

Paul had set out for Ephesus.  He wanted to be a minister to that city, but his plans to minister there were thwarted (Acts 16:6-10).  It was a great disappointment to him.  But he refused to be defeated.  Doors closed to Paul.  Like anyone else, Paul must have been disappointed.  Though the door closed, Paul refused to sit down in self-pity.  He was still filled with desire.   He refused to be discouraged.  Things did not work out the way he hoped . . . but he was not a quitter, complainer, or blamer!

Paul found a greater opportunity for service as a result of disappointment.  At Troas, Paul had the vision of the man of Macedonia calling out to come over and help them.  Paul moved toward that opportunity and found a greater service than he had ever dreamed.

God seems to have a special way of blessing us through our disappointments.  I have often said that God’s best gifts to us may be wrapped in disappointment.  Rather than being discouraged or defeated, be prepared for some challenging discoveries.  I am so glad I did not get admitted to the NavCad Program . . . oh, sure, I was disappointed . . . but God had something much better for my life.  I would have missed God’s best for me if I had not experienced that disappointment.

Consider your times of disappointment as perhaps a gift from a God who wants the best for you!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him . . . .”  (Romans 8:28)


Another thought on disappointment from my favorite author, singer, speaker, daughter . . . .  You will be blessed with her blogs!  And while there, explore her websites, etc.


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