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September 15, 2012


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Patience!  We all need it!  And we need it now!

Think about it . . . we leave a restroom with our hands still wet because we are not patient enough to give the blower time to dry our hands . . . or we  move from one line to another at Walmart trying to find the shortest line . . . or the car in front does not pull away fast enough when the traffic signal changes and we react!  Am I pushing your button?  Are you with me?  We all need patience!

The next book in my word series is Patience.  I began the book about five years ago.  About the time I began writing, we moved and relocated to another city.  I have not gone back to my writing.  And I will not give you a synopsis of it.  In fact, I am not going to repeat any of what I have written.  However, I got to thinking about it today as I was cutting grass.  These are some thoughts that came to me . . . and if I get back to writing . . . some of this might be in the book!

As I pondered today, I realized that many of our problems would settle themselves if we would give enough time.  Time is a great healer.  Patience should be an expression of our trusting God’s timing!  For those of us who walk by faith, we see God in all the events of our life.  Even prayer should be a yielding that expresses patience.  At least for me . . . God has not always answered by prayers immediately.

I’ll crack the door a little on my past.  All my friends were married.  Why wasn’t I?  Instead of being patient and waiting on God, I tried to “make” it happen!  Fortunately God controlled, and the engagement lasted only a few weeks!  My impatience could have altered several lives and God’s plans for each.  God’s timing, and then my “patience”(?) would result in God’s plan as He brought Judy and me together . . . which without doubt was God’s plan.  I was in too big of a hurry . . . God wasn’t!

I recalled how God is not in a hurry about so many things.  Remember He allowed the Hebrews to remain in captivity over four hundred years before He provided freedom for them!  That was long enough to try the patience of several generations!  There are many that can give testimony that it seemed a situation would never work out . . . and then it did!

God may linger longer than I think He should, but He will never be late!  In my praying I must be patient . . . God may only be delaying, not denying!  I am usually in a hurry . . . and perhaps God isn’t.  He can grow a mushroom over night, but He can take years to grow an oak tree!

And caution is needed!  Impatience can wreak havoc in a life:  wrong choices, stress and  anger are some of the primary culprits!  Evidence of patience is being relaxed and controlled, and not running ahead or expressing anger or bitterness.  But patience can produce endurance — which is a great characteristic!  Think on patience today.  And remember the line:  Patience is trusting God’s timing! 

”  Wait on the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”  (Psalm 27:14)  . . . be patient . . .”  (Ephesians 4:2)



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