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September 24, 2012

Last one is a . . . .

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Recall the expression “Last one in is a rotten egg!”  Or perhaps the yell was “Last one there is a rotten egg!”

This may be the most used play expression in the world!  I can remember it was used constantly.  It might have referred to the last one in the lake or pool!  Or the last one to reach a certain tree or place.  No matter how it was used, it meant that the last one would be cited as the rotten egg.  Of course, not for long — the activity was the goal — not to make someone feel bad.

I think it was an innocent call for everyone to participate.  Everyone was included in the swim . . . and the emphasis was on racing to get there — no delay!  Sometimes it was an innocent pun to make everyone move fast!

I have wondered where such an expression came from.  It had to come from someone who knew that a rotten egg stinks!  And rotten eggs do stink!  Eggs get rotten with a lapse of time.  And if you are with a gang racing for a goal . . . you don’t want to be the one that stinks!  This seems to indicate the meaning of the expression.  It implies that the last one to arrive would be like a rotten egg . . . because they took so long to get there.  If they were an egg, they would have gotten rotten in the long time they took to get there.

I don’t believe anyone ever got upset about being the rotten egg!  They may have been the last one, but jumping in that water with the earlier arrivals put everyone in the same basket!

I can’t remember being a rotten egg . . . but I feel confident I was on many occasions.  It certainly did not cause any emotional problems in my life.  My memory has no recordings of feeling ashamed or embarrassed.  I truly believe it was just a loud yell for “come on everybody . . . let’s all get going now!”

Could I use that old expression today?  Like inviting everyone to attend church?  The last one there — or the one who doesn’t attend — is a rotten egg!  Seems I have slipped to name calling!

I do urge you to get involved in a church.  Don’t judge the church — just know that every church has something to offer you that will encourage you and strengthen your life.  And don’t we all need that in today’s world?  I assure you that in a fellowship of a church you will find more caring and friendship than you will find elsewhere.  Why not take my challenge?  “Last one in is a rotten egg!”



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