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September 26, 2012

Tarpon . . . Again!

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Tarpon, again!  Tarpon Springs, Florida, that is!  Another joyful day at the docks!  If you have read my blogs over the past years, you know this is one of my favorite places in the whole world!  And that is saying a lot!

But rather than my repeat so much . . . click on these links and read my previous blogs.  Do it now for the preparation of today’s remarks.  Tarpon Springs, Florida to Tarpon Springs

Today we travelled across the county for an appointment at St Luke’s.  Following the appointment,  we found ourselves enjoying lunch at the open air restaurant at the sponge docks . . . Hellas, one of our favorite places to eat.  Although Tarpon Springs and the sponge docks have become primarily a tourist attraction, we began to reminisce about the 1960s when we lived there.

Those days, the street along the docks was filled primarily with businesses to support the sponge industry.  The sponge boats docked there and across the river.  We talked much about the activity in those days.  We talked about Judy’s heritage in this wonderful place, of our days living along the bayou, our days of fresh bread from Smyrlis, the pastries, our scalloping, the festivals, my clients and relationships with the sponge divers and boat crews, the visits into the Greek homes, and a relaxed living that was like vacation.

Often in the grocery store, elderly Greek ladies would ask Judy questions about certain items . . . believing that she was Greek because of her coloring, and our Jennifer having  dark hair and complexion.  (Of course, when they saw me, they assumed Judy had married outside the ‘family.’)  We did feel that we were accepted in the community . . . and welcomed the relationships of another culture.

Today, the busy tourist industry could not overshadow our remembering wood docks, working boats, the Greek language and culture, and very special days in our life.  What joy to remember!

We, of course, visited the shops . . . bought items . . . met new friends . . . discovered Judy was remembered by shopkeepers . . . and enjoyed the food and pastries!  In some ways, you can go home again!  And we did that today!

Tarpon Springs is so special to us.  It is another of the many wonderful blessings God has given us!



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