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October 16, 2012


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I caught the last part of a movie on television the other night.  It was Elizabethtown.  The movie featured a young man who returned to Elizabethtown, Kentucky to make arrangements for his father’s funeral and to bring the father’s ashes from Elizabethtown to California.

I noticed that on his cross-country trip that he had worn the same shirt for several days.  I probably would not have  noticed except for the logo on the green shirt.  I knew that logo.  I had seen it in past years . . . in fact, it is on a bottle of soda in our pantry.  Some things began to jog my memory . . . Elizabethtown, Kentucky . . . ALE 8 . . . the bottle on our shelf.

So . . . I began a little research.  G.L. Wainscott created the formula for ALE 8 — a ginger-flavored soft drink — in 1926 in Winchester, Kentucky.  Elizabethtown is on of the marketing areas of this unusual soft drink.  It is considered the soft-drink of Kentucky.

Marketing has been kept close in the geographical area of Winchester.  A few years ago there was an expansion of the market that included 61 counties of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  It has been the desire of the family to keep it in the general area . . . but you can order in on-line!

But what about that bottle on our shelf?  It is the remainder of a six-pack that we were given several years ago.  A cousin talked   with the “old man”  (respectfully spoken) about allowing him to distribute it across the southeast.  Following negotiations, the deal was struck.  We were given the six-pack to get our opinion of the soda.  I must say that at the time I thought it was an exceptional drink, but as of today, I would have difficulty describing it.

What I do know . . . the marketing was not effective . . . and so you do not find ALE 8 on shelves anywhere except in those 61 counties in the aforementioned states.

I suppose there are some things that are just destined to stay home!

Think about that statement!  You may start philosophizing!

I am tempted to go pop the cap on that ALE 8 and taste it.  But once gone . . . gone!  I would rather it sit along side that rare RC Cola . . . or my favorite soft drink in the world from the Bahamas . . . Goombay Punch!



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