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October 24, 2012

Billy Graham’s Cult List

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Here we go again!  The news media slants their news . . . and evangelicals jump on board!

If you have read my blogs through the years, you know I am an advocate for truth!  I have even defended the President at times.  Slanted reporting about his thoughts on prayer and other subjects brought me to address the issue.  There have been times when I have sought to stop the continuation of ‘urban legends’ that were not true!  As Christians, we need to keep the playing field level or it will certainly return to hurt us bad!

And now the media has talked so much about the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website removing Mormonism from its cult list.  It is slanted journalism!  And then without checking, liberal media, pastors and others are being highly critical of Billy Graham.

Would you note carefully the change in language that I will use to describe this unfortunate report?  My sources are several.  One, is the confidence I have in the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  In the early ’70s I had associations with this wonderful evangelistic team.  I know how they function, I know their consistency to Biblical authority, and I know there is no margin for compromise!

The Billy Graham Association does not publish a “list” of cults!  There was an article from Decision magazine on their website about cults.  In that article they mentioned 6 or 7 religious groups that are considered cults.  In that article, Mormonism was listed!  But there is a vast difference between a published list of cults and an article that includes the names of several cults.  Did you get that?  It was an article, not a list!  We were led to believe that there was a list identifying cults.  The BGEA would find no benefit publishing a list of all the groups in the world that they consider cults . . . or even those identified as occult groups.

Now here is what you need to hear:  The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has not removed Mormonism from those religious groups that are considered cults.  At no time nor in any writing has the BGEA called Mormonism a Christian group.  On MSNBC Franklin Graham would not acknowledge that Mitt Romney was a Christian.  He simply stated that Romney was a Mormon and that most Christian would not recognize Mormonism.

What was removed from their website was an article.  Removing an article is far different from removing one name from a list . . . and that is the impression and reporting that has been given!  The news media made it appear that one name was removed from a list.  All those identified cults in the article were removed if you give the article the interpretation of a ‘published’ list of cults!

So why was the article removed from the website?  First, not all articles published in Decision magazine are left on the website indefinitely!  Secondly, the BGEA removed it because of the political environment and the controversy it was stirring.  Ken Barun, Chief of Staff for the BGEA, said, “We removed the information from the website because we do not wish to participate in a theological debate about something that has become politicized during this campaign.”  (Citizen-Times, Ashville, N.C., October 16, 2012)

Hopefully, you can see the difference and will help let others know there is no published list of cults carried by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, but that it was only an article that was removed . . . and would probably have been within time.  And, please encourage those who are propagating this unfair judgement to seek to know facts before launching criticism and attacks.

And . . . if you missed my blog, Should a Christian Vote? . . . read it:



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  1. If we were to let the media decide the election for us there would be no need for any of us to vote. I agree, Vote!

    Comment by John Kuespert — October 24, 2012 @ 6:20 pm | Reply

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