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December 19, 2012

Angels at Christmas

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Angels abound and are present the year-round!  However, it seems we hear more of angels at Christmas.  The fiction world delights in creating angels and miracles at Christmas.  Of course, angels are very prevalent in the Biblical story of the birth of Christ.  The angel appeared to the shepherds and made the wonderful announcement that the Saviour had been born.  Angels do exist and are prominent throughout Scriptures.  Many people speak of angels and produce what they believe to be replicas.  They place them on the Christmas tree and  hang them in their homes throughout the year. We are at that season again, when angels will be prominent in our celebration of Christmas.

I have so many angel experiences and I will share one at this season.  It was not Christmas time.  In fact, it was mid-summer of 1941.  Our family lived at the peak of Main Street in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  It was one block to the village and one block the other way to U.S. Highway 78 or more commonly known as Memorial Drive.

It was Sunday afternoon and my mother had been teaching a cousin to drive.  The old car was parked at the top of the hill in front of the house.  They were sitting on the porch talking about the experience of driving.  I climbed into the car and pretended I was driving.  I began to move the gear shift extending from the floor.  I suddenly disengaged the transmission and the car began to roll backwards down hill toward Memorial Drive.

Immediately  the family realized what was happening.  My father began to chase the car!  My mother ran into the living room, dropped on her knees and began to pray.  The car moved faster than my father could run.  Other neighbors saw this potential fatal event.  The car was approaching Memorial Drive.  In those years, Sunday afternoon drives were part of the culture for people living in Atlanta.  One of the favorite places to drive was down Highway 78 to Stone Mountain.  It was the only day of the week that traffic was almost bumper to bumper.  There was no traffic signal.  A run-away vehicle would certainly cause a major accident.

It was reported that I was on my knees in the driver’s seat with one arm on the back of the seat and the other hand on the steering wheel, with my head turned as if I was looking out the back window.  It gave the appearance that I was driving and in command.  But all of us know full well that a boy six-and-a-half years old could not be in command.

The car went through that tight traffic, around two sharp curves, and finally came to rest in the proper lane of Main Street.  Never once did that car hit a curb or any object.  Even in the lane in which the car rolled backwards, no other vehicle was traveling.

Now how could all this happen?  Just happened?  Luck? Unexplained?  There is an explanation for everything even if we cannot explain it.  But I can explain this one.  I am confident God placed an angel in that car.  That angel cared for me and the other people who were traveling through the intersection of Main Street and Highway 78.  Did God in his infinite care send that angel?  Did God respond to my mother’s prayer and quickly assign an angel to care for me?  I may not understand how it all came to pass, but the one thing for which I am sure, a heavenly angel came to protect and care for me that day.

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”  (Psalm 91:11)

Believe that Word.  Your Heavenly Father cares for you!



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