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January 6, 2013

A Visit to Hell

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I literally went to Hell recently. That would explain why you regular readers have not had a blog from me in the past several weeks.

There is no other way to say it . . . but I went to Hell . . . or at this point, I can say I visited Hell. Honestly . . . I spent some time in Hell. I am not referring to a difficult time in my life . . . but actually a planned and desired visit to Hell.

It was not what I was expecting! It was hot . . . but not all that hot! But I can honestly say that I would not want to live there!

And what I am really hearing from friends about the visit was I took Judy with me — and it was on her birthday! But both of us survived and we have returned! (And it was not because Hell was full! There was plenty of room for everyone that wanted to be there!)

And by the way . . . as most of you know about Judy’s photography . . . she got some great pictures!

I have wondered if IRS would allow the cost of the trip to be a business deduction for me. After all, I could claim it as a research project!

It was not the literal Hell mentioned in the Bible . . . and you know that because the man in the parable Jesus told of the rich man/poor man was . . .  once in Hell, there is no leaving!

So, have you got in all figured out by now? Yes, we truly visited Hell recently. There is a Post Office there and though there are few residents in the area, it is a mapped and recognized location on the Island of Grand Cayman!

Hell is a group of limestone formations that appeared from the ocean receding long, long ago.  When it was observed, someone said, “This is what Hell must look like.”  (I don’t think so!  This might look like a fire had burned stone . . . but in the literal Hell,  a fire burns continuously!)

You can throw a small stone into the formations and it echoes among the limestone and sounds like the stone is falling all the way down to “Hell.”

It was a great experience.  Knowing the real Hell is much, much worse that Hell, Grand Cayman, I am so thankful I will never see or visit the literal Hell!



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