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May 2, 2013

Pawn Shop — The Saga Continues

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Yes . . . I did go to the pawn shop to find two wedding bands!

But don’t jump to a conclusion!  Married only once . . . over fifty years to the same wonderful lady . . . and I would never have gone to a pawn shop to buy wedding rings!

Here is the scenario.

I had been in Texas over a year.  God had turned my life around.  I had gone home for a visit and became re-acquainted with some old friends who were involved in a youth movement.

These friends, accompanied by an older lady, had come to Texas to visit me and see Baylor University.  On their first evening in Waco, we all met at a restaurant for dinner.  A fellow student, who knew these friends well, participated with me in what we intended to be the focus of the evening.

With a young lady friend, pretending to be my wife, we planned to surprise this group by announcing our recent marriage.  Now to make this believable . . . matching wedding bands were a necessity!

Have you ever tried to find “matching” wedding bands at a pawn shop?
Well . . . I certainly hope not!  Just take my word that it is an almost impossible task!

Think about it!  It is one thing for a divorce to occur and one partner hocks a ring.  But for both of them to do it at the same pawn shop . . .  what would be the story behind it?  Looking back with the experience of life now, I fear that perhaps a couple did it out of desperation.

But at that age, the thought never occurred to me.  I was only concerned with finding wedding bands.  I did find the matching gold bands after visits to several pawn shops!  I cannot remember the cost . . . but it had to be very low . . . and I do recall they were 14 carat gold!

I believe I still have mine . . . what about the other?  She never gave it back!

Now . . . back to the restaurant with our friends.  My fellow student also brought a date.  She was part of the plan!  Those two friends had “stood” up for us at our wedding (sic).

All plans were going well.  We did not announce the marriage.  We simply wore the rings waiting for someone to notice.  At last . . . the discovery was made!  There was a squeal from some . . . exclamations from others . . . and a general air of excitement and congratulations.  Of course questions ensued.

We were all prepared for a well-rehearsed adventure about the wedding!  Oh, it was following the expected path!  But . . . before we could really tell our story and enjoy the fun we anticipated . . . my best friend from past years who had come with the group . . . exploded with anger!  He jumped to his feet and began to lash out at me.

I never expected that!  But he disturbed the whole table . . . and others near us at the restaurant.  He had so believed the story already that he was making his feelings known.  Rather than rejoicing over our “happiness” as the others did, he was offended that I had not written him, or told him immediately upon his arrival . . . and most of all that I had gotten “married” without his being the best man!

Well, I for one wanted to crawl under the table, but I think it was already full under there!  I don’t believe we even stayed for our order to be served!  It was a total wipe-out!  What was to be an evening of fun became a disaster.  And I was the one who had caused this outburst and the ruin to a wonderful evening.

Of course, we all survived.  But what I discovered that night was that I had a friend that was much dearer to me than I had known.  We had shared much in past years . . . and I would never intentionally hurt him.  But I deeply hurt him that evening.  I am thankful to say, the years following continued to find us special friends.  I am thankful for that friend being such a part of my life for so many years!  Friendships are important and to be treasured.  And I have been blessed with so many friends through the years.

My Friend of all friends, of course, is Jesus Christ!  He proved his friendship for me by giving His life so that I would live!  “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”  (John 15:13)

I want to show my Friend that I love Him.  I do not ever want to offend Him or hurt Him.  I want to do what He ask of me and what will please Him.  “You are my  friends if you do what I command.”  (John 15:14)



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