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November 23, 2013

Wrong Call!

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I have made many wrong calls in my life . . . and on many matters.  I certainly made a wrong call almost two years ago concerning my future!  I wrote of my “Final Resignation” as the result of resigning from an interim pastorate.  I assumed that because of health and age that I had served the last church in my ministry.  But I made a wrong call!  God still had another assignment for me!

A few months after that, I accepted the responsibility to lead a church in growth until they could call a man to be the full-time pastor.  God rejuvenated my body so that I could be blessed with the privilege of serving yet another church during my lifetime.  It has been a glorious journey with a loving, caring and committed congregation.

Yet the time has arrived that I can no longer fulfill the role as pastor.  With great emotion and sadness, I wrote the “Final Resignation” again!  I have reason to believe that it is the final time I will serve a church as pastor —  but there I go again assuming I know what my future holds.

Deteriorating health has forced my resignation.  Sad?  Disappointed?  Yes . . . but with a quiet resignation to what I believe is the will of God.  So, is this the end of my 58 years of ministry?  No!  Not even at the age of 79 and multiple health problems.  Ministry is not measured by titles, institutions served, or length of years.  It is measured by a commitment to a call God places upon a life.  My motto remains the same — whatever be the future.  It is the charge given by B.H. Carroll almost a hundred years ago.  “Preach the Word until God calls you home.”  That I intend to do!

This blog is rather personal, but I still have a reason for sharing.

Life is not measured by accomplishments . . . worldly success . . . wealth . . . degrees . . . or the fulfillment of ambition.  Life must be measured by our attempt of faithfulness to an Eternal God.

We must never succumb to certain limitations in our life — age, health, circumstances — to deny us of other opportunities.  These things may prevent us from doing what is our heart’s desire or what seems to be the right thing for us at the moment.  That is where we need to be careful about making a wrong call.  Never assume that a roadblock means the end of service and commitment to our God.

We are never to old or debilitated to give God our best!  Our best is not judged by what we could do at other times, but by what we do now!

So now I will seek to respond to my own advice.  “God, I simply give you all I have to offer.  Nothing is final.  I am available.  Amen.”

And . . . this time . . . I believe I have made the right call!


P.S.  The very night I resigned, the church voted to call a full-time pastor!  Never question God’s timing!


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