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April 16, 2014

Equal Tax

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Tax forms are so complicated!  Every year many of us complain and say there must be a less complicated way to report income and taxes.

And we have heard much about a flat tax.  Great idea!  Not new, but still a good and relevant idea!

Over sixty years ago I had to write a paper about income tax.  I had not heard the word “flat” tax, so my paper was titled “Equal Tax.”  My proposition was that taxes should be equal for everyone.  Everyone should carry their fair share.  The proposal was something like this.

Determine the national budget each year.  Divide it by the number of projected tax payers.  All would carry their fair share.  There would be no reporting or forms to return by April 15.  This proposal was for personal income and did not relate to businesses or corporation.  The taxes paid by corporations and businesses would be figured in toward the national budget and/or used to repay loans, etc.

Let’s assume that the fair share of every tax payer would be 10% of his/her income.  The employer would simply withhold the 10% and send it to the IRS . . . just like the way they withhold your share of social security taxes, send it the government and you do not report it or have to fill out forms that you paid your share!   With your personal income tax responsibility it would be handled the same way.  There would be no filing by the individual . . . no deductions, etc.  Of course self-employed persons would need to file like a business.  Think how simple that would be!

Now I know that is simple thinking for an older teenager and that it would take “smart” people to tweak it some, (I would even have some further suggestions now), but it is that concept that is the foundation of the supposed Flat Tax.

Imagine . . .  no forms, no deadlines, no looking for deductions, no worry about how much one owes in addition to what has been paid, and on and on go the benefits.

And . . . it would mean our government would function like your family . . . a budget . . . you know your income . . . you know your expenses.  Oh, sure, there may be times as with a family that a loan must be made in order to meet emergencies–like increase in military cost, etc.

There is a down side to this.  Corporations and businesses still have to function as is.  There is a loss of jobs at the IRS and in private businesses where accountants and others figure your tax.

Well, agree with me or not, I still think it is credible.  I recall that my economics professor was not impressed.  The presentation was acceptable and it was well done. But the concept was not . . . and I did not get a good grade.  I felt scolded and ridiculed for such thinking.  I suppose that I was too much of a liberal!  Imagine me . . . a strong conservative fellow being labeled a liberal!



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  1. I agree with you LAWSON. It would be great for everyone to pay a certain tax and not have to file a end of year!

    Comment by Dudley Henry — April 16, 2014 @ 7:22 am | Reply

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