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April 19, 2014

The Duggar Family

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Most folks have seen the television series, 19 kids and Counting.  I just watched another presentation of it and my mind began to reflect.  Although the program began 19 and Counting, there have been more additions . . . and now there are even daughter-in-laws, son-in-laws, and grandchildren! Jim Bob and Michelle are a model couple and a model for raising a family.  We had the privilege to have dinner with this remarkable couple and their children.  They are down-to-earth people with solid values and commitments.  They are like folks that you would have gone to school with.  I describe their dating and courtship as cheerleader and church boy! From the early dates of their courtship, God was the pivot.  They have truly sought to have their lives under the leadership of God.  To spend time with them would convince you that they are submissive to His authority.  The testimony through the lives of their children bears further evidence that submission to God’s will has produced wonderful results. The children are so emotionally healthy, stable, personable, and loving that only the power of God in such a large family could produce such.  The children truly love and respect one another. They bear witness to what is possible in families. I would encourage families to look at the Duggar family as a model.  The parenting skills of Michelle and Jim Bob, the responsibility that the children express, the unity of the family, and the respect shown between children and parents is a great model for American families. These parents are surrendered to God through their faith in Christ.  It shows in all aspects of their lives.  They believe strongly in following biblical principles in the management of finances and possessions.  They believe in being debt-free . . . and they are! Toward the end of dinner, Jim Bob and I talked about more names for the children.  If you know the family, you are aware that all the names for the children begin the letter J.  I thought I could make a contribution for a name.  They already had a Jennifer and Jill.  So I suggested other names in our family, like Judith, Justine, and Juliet.  Jim Bob listened, politely, but I think they already had a list.  But wait, all of those are names for girls!  What about a boy’s name?  He was silent.  I said, “What about Jolly?”  He smiled and said, “Not bad!”  At least it told me that name might not be on the list! As we often do, we invited them to come visit us.  If they ever do, we will be calling on you.  Where would we ever sleep all this family? A lesson from this family behooves me to encourage you to make Christ the focal point of your life and family.  He does make the difference.  God knows how to develop a family.  After all, He did write the Book on marriage and family!  Read the Bible . . . ask for His guidance . . . and then follow His way! Lawson


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