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May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for May 5.  It is easy to assume it is a Mexican or Hispanic celebration in some country other than the United States.

But did you know it is a celebration primarily in the U.S.?

It originated with the Mexican-American communities in California to commemorate freedom and democracy during the early years of the Civil War.  It is not Mexico’s Independence Day as many assume.

The celebration does have roots in the victory over the French, but it began as a celebration of freedom.

It is a day in which Mexican culture and heritage is celebrated.  It has been celebrated continuously since 1863 in California.  It is virtually ignored, however, in Mexico.

In the 1980s it began to be a special day of festivities across America.  Marketers, especially beer companies, capitalized on the day and began to promote it.  Many say it is just a day to drink!

One interesting custom is that brothers are to give their sisters 5 American dollars in appreciation of the holiday.  It would be interesting to know the purpose of the gift.  Perhaps because the sisters prepare the meals?

So, on this fifth day of Mayo . . . eat your tacos . . . but drink only tea, water, or a soft drink with them!




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