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May 19, 2014

Number 62

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racer 2I remember it so well!  1947 . . . Seventh Grade . . . living fast! Speed fascinated me!  I remember seeing those racing cars and I was ready to trade my sister for one!  I had a friend who felt the same way.  So we committed to one another that we would work and save to purchase one! The day finally came.  I cannot remember the amount . . . but I believe it was about twelve to fifteen dollars.  With parental permission, we boarded the streetcar that would take us to Decatur to a hobby shop!  There we each made our selection.  We purchased two different types of racers.  For each of us, our choice was our dream car. Mine was red!  It had number 62 on both sides.  Observe the photo of the original advertisement . . . a picture of the one I chose.  This is a cast aluminum metal racing car measuring almost 10 inches long and 4 inches high.  On the bottom is cast “Roy Cox / Thimble Drome / Champion / Made in Santa Ana, Calif.”  The body has the number “62.”  It has a polished radiator grill; chrome exhaust pipe; polished disc wheels, non-skid tires; clutch lever and pressure pump, with a .045 internal combustion gas engine. I had no idea what I was purchasing.  It was simply the racer I was drawn to when I considered the choices. I only knew that these racer could reach a speed of over 100 miles per hour!

Because of the speed, the racer must be tethered.  Thus it was tethered to a pole that allows the racer to travel in a circle! We were the talk of town!  Imagine a seventh grader having a racer that would travel over 100 miles per hour!  We loved showing off our racers.  Of course we had expenses.  There was fuel needed . . . tires had to be changed . . . and the battery to provide the spark for the glow plug didn’t last forever.  You could use a strong string to crank it, but professionals don’t crank a race car with a rope!

This remembrance is sparked by my retrieving “Number 62” from the shelf today.  Yes, I still have it . . . and I have discovered that this Thimble Drome racer is the car that started the tether car craze.  It is the first generation gas powered tether car. I had no idea what history I was purchasing that day!  Here is a photo of “Number 62” today . . . 67 years later!  A little battered and bruised, but still intact despite many mishaps, crashes, and hundreds of miles of racing!


I treassure this collectible because it is a memory that exist more than in my mind!  I can recall . . . but I can also see the proof of my remembrance!  Perhaps you have some memories and can present the evidence!

I thought of many spiritual memories.  I remember the day God adopted me into His family!  I cannot produce some item to give evidence.  I cannot produce that pine tree I was sitting under when God touched my life.  It is hard to give evidence of a spiritual experience . . . or is it?  I realized that I can give evidence of that memory so many years ago.  The evidence must be my life!  I can tell of the memory of that glorious day . . .but my body, mind, and personality should be the evidence that God touched me and changed me that day in 1946!

Like my racer, there may be some scars from many races, encounters, and failures, but I can still be living proof of the purchase God made when He bought me.  I remember that day . . . and hopefully you can also!

“You were bought at a price.  Therefore honor God with your body.” 1 Corinthians 6:20


P.S.  The racer is not for sale!






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