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May 20, 2014

Incidental Find

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There are so many episodes in my life where I have seen the care and protection of God, that it took me a whole book just to recount some of them.  The book, Protected, is a testimony of His goodness over my life in guidance, leadership, care, and protection.  But since the book was written, an event occurred in my life that has caused me again to humble myself before Him in thanksgiving for His love. For years I have had difficulty with disks in my back, much like many people.  My response to the discomfort had been that I would never have surgery unless it reached a level of almost total debilitation.  It finally approached that level, and so I began some tests.  An MRI and several scans revealed the problem.  But the report showed much more. A small tumor was discovered on my lower spine, wrapped around some of the nerves that controlled body functions and foot movement.  I had no pain or evidence that the tumor existed.  Medically, it was referred to as an “incidental” find. This meant more tests and consultations with various doctors in various cities.  All the attention was on the tumor and not on my original problem.  It would have to be dealt with later.  Several doctors suggested that this tumor could have been there for years, and it was probably a slow growing tumor that might outlive me.  An option was to wait and watch.  It could be measured every three to six months to see if it was growing.

My reaction was no.  I did not consider it an “incidental” find.  Because I believe that God superintends my life, I felt that God meant for me to know about it at this time.  And if God wanted me to know about it, I assumed He wanted me to do something about it. After a decision was made to remove the tumor at the risk of the damage to those nerves that could alter my life, I approached the surgery with confidence.  I claimed the promises of God and trusted my future to Him.  God’s care in my life was proved in many ways.  God did intend for the tumor to be removed immediately. From the time of discovery to the removal of the tumor, it had enlarged from the size of a golf ball to the size of a very large lemon.  And through God’s provisions, no body functions were  lost, and what alterations were made to certain nerves that will have a permanent effect are small and insignificant to the larger picture.  I bow before Him for His care, His guidance, His intervention, and His direction over my life.  I give Him praise and thanksgiving. (Excerpt from Thanksgiving, Copyright, 2007, Lawson Jolly, Jr., pages 37-38)

I want to encourage you to be sensitive to the oversight of your life by a loving God.  He does care . . . and superintends your life.  Pain, doctor’s visits, concerned words from a family member . . . may just be a way God is giving directions in your life.  Seek after Him . . . and He will make known His love and care.

“The Lord watches over you . . . .”  (Psalm 121:5)



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  1. Pastor Jolly: You are so blessed. I have witnessed the Lord working in the lives of you and your family. So much more that I haven’t known about. You represent amazing things that the Lord has done. I just love ya’ll so much and wish you a blessed and happy retirement. Though, I know that your retirement is just other opportunities for God’s service. Doris

    Comment by drswht28 — May 20, 2014 @ 2:07 pm | Reply

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