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June 8, 2014

Tap Dancing

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Tap dancing!  Oh, the memories!  We recently attended a dance recital and my mind flashed back to over sixty years ago.  I remember recitals . . . the clickety-clack of those tap shoes . . . and those pretty young ladies!

Let me give you the facts . . . and a confession!

My younger sister was an avid dancer.  Not only did she tap dance,  but there was ballet, and even toe shoe dancing — a ballet where dancers dance on the tips of their toes for a long period of time. With her commitment to this dancing, there were recitals!  I never objected to those recitals because . . . again, all those pretty young ladies.

I believe in my young teenage mind I probably tried to pick out the prettiest, and then day-dream about sweeping her off her feet as the young prince on a white stallion!

But then one day, I saw a realistic way to meet these beauties.  Many times I would drive my sister to her lessons.  I would sit in the studio where they would be taught by Ms. Marion!  And so why not . . . I thought? I talked to myself.  It will be a plan that will work!

Why don’t I get out on that floor with them?  Yes, right then and there I decided I would take tap dancing!  None of that ballet and other stuff.  I only wanted to learn to tap dance. I had seen men in movies tap dancing and they always had a beautiful lady with them.  I wanted to be Gene Kelly or a Fred Astaire.

And so with my parents consent,  I signed-up for lessons!  Now without much natural rhythm . .  and being in my mid-teens . . . well, let’s just say I would never be a Gene Kelly!  But then that was not really my goal!  It was to meet and know these young beauties!

I soon had a pair of dance shoes . . . hard soles and heels to which taps were added.  As I struggled, I just imagine some of those young beauties were giggling behind my back.  But . . . that’s ok, just wait till they know the ‘real’ me!

It was now about time for basketball season to begin.  First day of practice my fellow players began to rib me.  They knew I was taking tap dance lessons . . . but they were really only jealous because they knew I had the inside track to meeting these ladies!

I even offered to teach them a few moves . . . even the soft shoe could be done with the shoes we worn to practice!  I told them my dancing would make be a real threat on the court.  I envisioned breaking away for a fast break!  Running ahead of my defender, I would catch the ball . . . pause in the key, and do a few fancy dance steps before the lay-up!  I knew that would make me a star . . . and the cheerleaders from our opponents would be greatly impressed! But, of course, again it was only in my mind!

My commitment to learning to tap dance vanished rather quickly.  I truly knew there had to be an easier way to meet young ladies!  I didn’t have the gift!  Classes were inconvenient.  And it was not paying dividends!  So I hung up my shoes . . . returned to my ‘normal’ way of living and seeking to meet young ladies.

But perhaps the joy of those days is that it is a wonderful memory.  And this recent attendance at the recital brought back to my mind those days!

I just need to remember that I should have a proper motive for seeking or learning new things.  That is  probably good advice.  Think about it!


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  1. Pastor Jolly, this made me smile! I know you would have been a great dancer had you continued, you do everything well, but you’re right, our motives for all things should be to please God. You have shown us that so many times in your great sermons and your in your actions. God bless you and Mrs. Jolly and keep ya’ll in His perfect care! Doris

    Comment by drswht28 — June 8, 2014 @ 3:08 pm | Reply

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