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June 24, 2014

Successful Living

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Recently I saw a poster that gave about 25 suggestions on how to be successful.  Today, I began to think about living a successful life.  So, I made my list.  I sought to be inclusive with some so that the list would not exceed 10.  Let me share them with you.


1.   Be positive and enthusiastic every day.

2.   Let integrity and dependability be your reputation.

3.   Have a thankful and generous heart.

4.   Do a quality job in all you attempt.

5.   Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

6.   Don’t blame others or situations for your mistakes.

7.    Be decisive even if sometimes wrong.

8.   Always forgive — self and others.

9.   Make your marriage a model for others.

10. Above all, live a life of faith and commitment to God.

Now I may add, change, or delete . . . or even express them differently tomorrow, but for this moment as I list them, these are my suggestions.

Hopefully, these suggestions can be of benefit to you . . . and any suggestions you can offer me, I am open to them.  I want my living to be successful.



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